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For quick reference this Wiki area provides a list of reports and transactions used within the Great Britain Payroll solution -->

GB Payroll Driver
Report RPCALCG0 -  is the GB payroll driver to run payroll for GB employees

Incoming Efiling GB
Report  RPUEFI_START_POLL - is used to poll HMRC DPS service for tax code changes
Transaction HREFI_UPDATE -  updates infotype 0065 with the polled tax code changes

Outgoing Efiling GB
Report RPC35CG0 - produces EOYR data
Report RPCEOYG0 - Creates End of Year forms and submission e.g P35, P14, P60
Report RPCEOYG0PBS - produce EOYR legislative forms and submission for Multiple Employment

In Year Movements Efiling
Report RPCP45GN produces P45 forms and notifications for

Transfers of PAYE reference

Report RPCP45GN_PRESELECTION is the same as above report for Multiple Employment employees

This report generates the following statutory forms and notifications

P45(3) - If the employee has a P45 form from the previous employer.
P46 - If the employee joins without a P45 form.
P46(EXPAT)  - If the employee is an expatriate.

Produces multiple Employment enabled starter forms and notifications

This report generates the P46 (PEN) form and notifications

Reports for Public Sector government agencies
Report RPUTPSG0 - This report produces an annual return for the Teachers Pension service of teachers service,
salary and any additional contributions to Teachers Pension

Report RPUHESG1 - Creates an annual return for the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) regarding
basic pay, organisational assignment and payscale information

Report RPUSWFG0 - Creates periodic School Work Force census data for the DCSF

Other key reports and transactions
Report RPCP11G0 - produces P11D forms and P11D summaries for End of Year
Report RPUTCUG0 - used for Tax code updates e.g Start of Year
Transaction PB2A - used to check, monitor and control the progress and status of each of the steps within the efiling process
Report RPUB2AG0 - GB specific view of PB2A for EOYR efiling

Compiled by Stuart Campbell 18th Nov 2009

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