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After you approve a Leave Request on the UWL (Universal Worklist), you verify that the workitem is still on the Manager's inbox, even though it does not have any items inside anymore:


When you click on the item on the UWL, it will trigger the Iview "Leave Request Approver", service ess~lea/LeaveRequestApprover.

Issue here is that note 1458690 brought modifications to Function Module SAP_WAPI_RESERVE_WORKITEM regarding status 'STARTED' workitems.

In order to correct this issue for all the workitems, please proceed as follows:

1. For the new Workitems:

You should implement note 1501377.

2. For the old Workitems:

There are two ways to identify the workitems that need to be manually completed:

  1. Most recommended one is to run the RPTARQDBVIEW report for all the pernr and all the dates. Look for the leave documents with status ‘POSTED’ but the workflow status ‘STARTED’. Then you need to go inside each document and find the workitem.
  2. You can find the workitems with problems via t-code SWIA or via table SWWWIHEAD.
  3. You need to ensure all the background jobs in SWU3 are scheduled for the WF for example RSWWERRE

 The Jobs in SWU3 are:




Work item rule monitoring


Work item deadline monitoring


Work item error monitoring


Clearing tasks in the workflow system

You can use Report RSWINTRO ie transaction SWI2_DIAG to get the list of error workitems.

Only for rejected leave request you can complete them via Report RPTARQSTOPWF.

 If the above options doesnt complete the WF, the  other option is to use SWIA.