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Infotype is an important concept in HCM module. We have create, modify or delete them very much. But whenever you’re wondering why some infotypes we maintain, they trigger Payroll retroactive or re-run Time Evaluation or where infotype data is stored. In this sort document, I will show you 2 points above.
First: trigger Payroll retroactive & re-run Time Evaluation:

  • Using T-Code SM30/SM31 with view V_T582A: choosing your infotype you want to check.
  • Now you can see detail configuration for only this Infotype. See “Retroactive Accounting Trigger” – 3rd part from the top.
  • Look at: Retr.acct.payr. for Payroll & Retr.acct.PDC for Time Evaluation.
    What are they - Retr.acct.payr. and Retr.acct.PDC?
    Retr.acct.payr. - Retroactive accounting relevance for payroll
    When you make entries in the payroll past, the 'Earliest Change in Master Data Since Last Payroll' field is set in the Payroll Status infotype (0003).
    In the correction phase, when entries are made in the payroll past, the 'Payroll Corrections' field is also set.
    When corrections are made in the current period, only the 'Payroll Correction' indicator is set.
    Infotypes that are payroll relevant but not retroactive accounting relevant should be given the following keys:
    Entry in past 'E'
    Retroactive accounting payroll 'R'
    ' ' = Infotype is not relevant to retroactive accounting,
    'R' = Change triggers retroactive accounting,
    'T' = Retroactive accounting is field-dependent according to T588G.
    Retr.acct.PDC - Retroactive acct. relevance for PDC time evaluation
    With the Retroactive Accounting Relevant PDC Time Management field, you can control whether an infotype is retroactive account relevant for time management.
    If retroactive accounting is affected by a change, then the relevant date will be entered in the Retroactive accounting date for PDC field of the Payroll Status infotype (0003).
    •	' ' = Infotype not retroactive accounting relevant
    •	'R' = Change triggers retroactive accounting,
    •	'T' = Retroactive accounting is field-dependent in accordance with table T588G.
     So if you choose R, it means whenever you maintain this infotype, Payroll / Time Evaluation will be triggered immediately.
     If you choose, however, T, Payroll / Time Evaluation trigger or not depending on field you maintain in this infotype. If this field is modified & it’s configured in T588G also, PY & PT will be triggered.

Second: Name Data base for an Infotype:
Look at the last field in this view V_T582A for every infotype, you can see Database table: This field contains the name of a database table for an infotype. Normally you just contain PA with Infotype ID, you will have Database. But there are some exceptions.
For example: Database of Infotype 0000, 2001 are PA0000, PA2001. However Database of Infotype 2011 is TEVEN.

There are still a lot useful information in this view V_T582A. You can check by using key F1 for every field in it. Keep checking & investigating all of us will have more deeper knowledge.



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