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This page will point out links to access and/or gain knowledge on SAP Self Services, including Employee and Manager Self Services.

** Breaking news** SAP provides as of August 2008 as new 5 days course 'HR255' , covering Employee and Manager Self Services. The 'HR255' is finally based on the latest SAP releases : ERP 6.0 along with Portal 7.0. This course replaces the 3 days course'HR250' course : Employee Self Services (ESS) and the 3 days course'HR260' course : Manager Self Services (ESS). I will train the first session in London (SAP UK Clockhouse) on week 37 - September 8th. Another session is planned in Belgium (training language English) on week 40 - September 29th. Perhaps see you there. (smile)

More information on

Must read OSS notes :

  • SAP Note Description Release
    • 1007341 SAP ERP 2004/2005 - supported ESS/MSS system landscapes MSS 60.1
    • 870126 ITS-based ESS services in SAP ERP2005 Release-Independent
    • 879335 Additional information about Self Service Upgrade ECC 6.0
    • 996882 Displaying Employee Photograph in ESS Change Own Data ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0
    • 761266 Self Services Patches ECC 6.0
    • 647504 MSS: ESS-in-MSS 46C, 4.70
    • 897623 User exits and BADIs in the PT area Release-Independent
    • 1049057 ISR documentation - "ISR Cookbook" Release-Independent
    • 307413 MDT: Start BW reports from Manager's Desktop 46*
    • 1090084 Add a way to include parameters to MSS Reporting for BW ECC5.0

Fields control in Employee Self Services (ESS)

  • Before SAP ERP Releases, we were able to use table V_T588M_ESS :
  • Employee Self Services (ESS) field hiding as of ERP release
    • This can be done through the SAP Netweaver Studion(NWDS), table V_T588M_ESS is useless.
  • Alternative to fields hiding as of release ERP 6.0 with portal 7.0 (NW2004s)
    • Without NWDS, You can use the feature 'CTRL+Right click' from the functionali screen and from the preview mode in the Portal Content Directory. Use this trick wisely as, as far as I'm aware it is now meant for Production use. Do not use this to hide subtype in Employee Self Services, rather use the standard customizing table V_T7XSSPERSUBTYP - Specify Use Case and Active Subtypes.

What about a proxy class ?

Sometimes, the user requirements are stating that some services should not be displayed to some users and/or user groups. We could create different portal roles but it would trigger additional maintenance. SAP provides in standard the possibility to use a proxy class which will determine whether or not this should be shown to the end user. Tip : to ease the maintenance, make the proxy class points to a Z*** feature, so that you can let the business change or adapt it whenever needed.

Screen tuning in ESS as of ERP 6.0 Some customer do not have Netweaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) and Netweaver Development Studio (NWDS). For whatever reason. This narrows the possibility to tune ESS screens. There is an alternative that could be used (see below). However, considering deploying NWDI and NDWS is a clever idea as it would ease versioning, quicker bug fixing and functional customizing.

You said enhancement packages (Eha) ?

As time passes by, SAP has focused on 'translating' ITS based services into WebDynpro based services. Besides some enhancements (for example, the IBAN field in the bank details service) in current services and limited new services, SAP has aligned a new strategy to deliver new services, with more flexibility, which means that we don't have to wait for a new release of SAP or a WAS upgrade.

As of its latest release - SAP ERP 6.0 (formerly named "mySAP ERP 2005" (ECC6.0)) - SAP provides enhancements packages (Eha). These enhancements packages are included in the customer's licence fee and are optional. There is no need for a major SAP release upgrade.

The concept is to provide a range of added value functionalities for many processes. SAP release's strategy is to deliver roughly three Enhancement Packages per year. The packages are cumulative, which means that by setting up Eha2, we also get the content of Eha1 and so on.

Further information regarding the strategy for SAP ERP 6.0, mySAP ERP 2004 (ECC5.0) and SAP R/3 Enterprise can be accessed at (login required). The quicklink (login required) will provide direct access to the Enhancement Packages documentation.

Authorization and XSS

  • OSS notes
    • 93254 RFC short dump RFC_NO_AUTHORITY
    • 66056 Authorization trace with Transaction ST01
    • 452904 Loss of authorization after profile generation
    • 216036 ESS and Authorizations

Workflow enable these self services


Additional Information from SDN

  • Forum ITS (shall you still cope with the earlier release (smile)

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