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Below is the list of SAP Notes (CATEGORY- LEGAL CHANGE) Released Between 1st Jan 2019 - 31st Dec 2019


Link to SAP Note No.Short TextComments
2728486IT0584: 'Income from Interest' field length increased 
2716988INEPF: EDLI basis change from employer pension basis to employer PF basis 
2728514Punjab Professional Tax 
2747888Punjab Professional Tax: CorrectionsMust be implemented along with SAP Note No. 2728514
2716382Transgender as a third gender option 
2745333ESS: Income Tax Declaration - Unable to create a request with zero value for SC80, S80C and IOS 
2735651HINCALC0: Gratuity exemption when terminated on last day of the month 

Union Budget 2019 - 2020 (BUDGET NOTE)

i.e. SNOTE Transaction won't be used to implement this note BUT only manual steps or via HRSP upgrade
2784489FVU 6.1 Changes 


EPF: Inclusion of components into basis as per Supreme court ruling

2779150Labor Welfare Fund for Haryana 
2791110FVU 6.2 Changes 
2788207Form 16 Part-B new layout 
2789393EPF: LOP cases after inclusion of components as per Supreme Court Ruling 
2796901Form 16 Part-B: Annexure for details of Section 2f and 10k 
2803810HINCF160: Form 2f10k as e-mail attachment 
2812803Reduction in contribution rate for ESI with effect from July 01, 2019 
2763688Retrenchment Compensation Exemption 
2763732Madhya Pradesh Professional Tax change 
2767073ESI : No employer contribution for disabled employees for 3 years 
2815788Union Budget 2019-2020: Surcharge and Deduction U/S 80EEB 
2816128Union Budget 2019-2020: Introduction of Section 80EEA 
2767638Status change for claims and IT declaration requests 
2754240 Deletion of uprocessed Claims and IT declaration requests  
2866624Labor Welfare Fund for Punjab
2826381INLEA: No rounding of number of leaves earned
2858531Union Territory of Ladakh
2847771Increase in field length for exemptions (IT0582)
2767681Display report for Income Tax Declaration
2866805File Validation Utility 6.4



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