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Below is the list of SAP Notes (CATEGORY- LEGAL CHANGE) Released Between 1st Jan 2020 - 31st Dec 2020

SAP recommends N-1 support package level for your systems. DO NOT MISS to apply SAP Notes with the category ‘Legal Change’ or ‘Correction of legal function’ function’. You may also find these notes on Expert Search and filter using component & category as well.

SAP Note NumberShort TextComments
2895025FAQ on Budget 2020This is not a Budget Note But A MUST KNOW INFORMATION containing the required information before the budget note corrections are released.
2857031HRA calculation on 'when changed' basisA Very Important Legal Change In 2020
2843176ESS advanced claims- Form 12BB Esign
2890833Union Budget 2020-2021: Tax Option – Infotype Budget Changes 2020-2021 (Tax Option)
2895046Union budget 2020-2021: Tax calculation options – ESSBudget Changes 2020-2021 (ESS RELATED)
2894010Union budget 2020-2021: Income tax slab, Section 16 and Section 24Budget Changes 2020-2021 (TAX SLAB , U/S 16, SECTION 24 CHANGES)
2901289Union Budget 2020-2021: Utility report for tax optionBudget Changes 2020-2021 (UTILITY CHANGES)
2898796Union Budget 2020-2021: Exemption u/s 10 and Chapter VI DeductionsBudget Changes 2020-2021 (Exemption U/S 10 & Chapter VI Deductions)
2890910Union Budget : 2020 Tax Simplifier Statement changesBudget Changes 2020-2021 (TSS CHANGES)
2905338 File Validation Utility 6.6
2910010HINCALC0: Impact of Section 24 for previous financial years
2741666IT0021: Maintain gender as 'Transgender'
2915769Budget 2020-2021: Calculation of loss under Section 24
2919107ITD: Selection of New Regime cannot be changed during the year
2918077Budget 2020-21: Limit of 7.5 lakh on tax-free employer contribution to retirement funds
2915828Income from other sources: Changes in dropdown values used in  ITD Application
2925929HINCALC0: Changes for professional tax in Maharashtra for senior citizens
2927722COVID19 - Reduction in EPF rate for 3 months
2884011HINCF24C: FVU Reconciliation Tool
2911678Withdrawal of enhanced surcharge on income under section 111A and 112A
2926489Rounding off 'years of service' as per gratuity act
2930361INESI: ESI deduction for terminated employees during full and final settlement
2939892Minimum amount per contribution to the NPS
2955914Verification of Permanent Account Number (PAN)
2945156Reporting of gross salary arrears due to cross financial year retro under multiple TAN
2956889Deductions under sec 80G
2754240Deletion of unprocessed Claims and IT declaration requests
2971878Consideration of last month's salary for calculating Gratuity exemption
2952772Applicability of NPS for Section 89
2983059Section 80C benefit on arrears received by New Regime employee
2977955INLEA: Exemption amount not getting displayed after rehiring
2996217Taxation of Income from Dividend
3006700HINCALC0 : Tamil Nadu LWF Deduction for Rehired Employees

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