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Below is the list of SAP Notes (CATEGORY- LEGAL CHANGE) Released Between 1st Jan 2021 - 31st Dec 2021

SAP recommends N-1 support package level for your systems. DO NOT MISS to apply SAP Notes with the category ‘Legal Change’ or ‘Correction of legal function’ function’. You may also find these notes on Expert Search and filter using component & category as well.

SAP Note NumberShort TextComments
3003605Stoppage of NPS contribution before date of superannuation or after purchase of annuity
3018670Form 12BA: Designation text and alternate employee id
3020224Form 12BB: Labels for Evidence/particulars details of LTA
3034911Union Budget 2021-2022: Section 80EEA claim eligibility extension
3030068HINCALC0: Upper limit for employer contribution towards retirement schemes in case of inter company transfer
3046864File Validation Utility 7.1
3049649Form 16: No further support of Form 16 Part B
3039967Atmanirbhar 3.0–Stimulus Package Provident Fund Benefit
3044186Form 12BA : New format effective from April 01, 2021

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