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Access Sequence:>> The access sequence determines the sequence in which the condition records for a condition type are found and read.
>> An access sequence (search strategy) is defined for each condition type (with the exception of header and manual only condition types) in the pricing procedure.
>> This search strategy defines the sequence in which the system reads the condition records for a condition type.
>> Each access performed during the access sequence is made using a condition table.
>> A condition table is a combination of fields, which form the key for a condition record.
>> You can make an access dependent on certain requirements.
>> You can define prices, discounts, and surcharges at various levels.
>> Each level is defined by a combination of fields or by a field in a condition table.
>> Using the access sequence, you can define the sequence of the different levels.
The system attempts to determine the condition records in the sequence specified.
>> Within each access of an access sequence, you can specify the specific document field (source field) with which an access is carried out.
>> Examples:
--> Material or pricing material?
--> Document currency or local currency?
--> Sold-to party or ship-to party?
>> Make accesses dependent on requirements to avoid unnecessary accesses. This reduces the system load.
>> Access sequence: A search strategy to locate the proper condition record.

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