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Definition Assembly:
Production order (or planned order, or network, or service order, or process order) automatically attached to a sales order, maintenance of assembly orders within sales orders 
There are two types of assemblies in SAP, SD only takes care of static assembly orders, dynamic assemblies are processed by PP-ATO! Static assembly orders
-          Required date and quantity are copied directly from the schedule line

-          1:1 relation between item in sales order and production orderDynamic assembly
-          Availability check creates requirements - these trigger automatically the creation of the production order

-          1:n relation between item and assembly order / receipt elements

-          ATP-check for receipt elements existing in sales order-          Not available for networks
 Customizing Settings:
 -          Type FERT
-          PP-BoM required

-          Standard: 200, 201
-          Assembly types: '1', '2'

 Important table fields:
VBEP-AUFNR: number of the associated production order

VBEP-PLNUM: number of the associated planned order

VBAP-BEDAE: requirement type

VBEP-BDART / PLART: requirement class  

Interface SD -> PP
-          CO_61_order_edit
-          f.e. delete item, set reason for rejection -          Communication structure ORDPAR
-          MENGE (Quantity)
-          GSBTR (required date  / cornfirmed date)-          VFMNG (confirmed quantity)
-          PWERT (calculated costs) à EK01 or EK02

-          When setting reason for rejection, the deletion flag is set in theassembly order:-          SAPLCOKO; activate_delete_flag_ext
-          Handed over to SD in ordpar_flg_del

-          At credit check the assembly order is always marked for deletion -> when credit check is released, a new asembly order is created!-          Show availability
-          FV45EFMA_Ergebnis_an_verfuegba
-          Structure MVERF_DB
-          Just to show the availability!

-          Scheduling is done in PP and hands over the dates to SD 

Interface PP-SD (e.g. TA CO02)

-          F.e. change the quantity in assembly order

-          CO_ZK_ORDER_POST à sales_document_update à SD_CO_ORDER_CHANGE_ORDER-          SD_CO_UPDATE_COSTING
-          Schedule from assembly order
-          à this belongs to ATP

Internal interface SD -> SD


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  1. Former Member

    One small correction needed

    requirement type - VBEP-BDART




  2. Is it applicable to work with Process Orders? Or for Production orders only?