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Add attachments to Sales documents.


This is not a prerequisite if the user has sufficient authorization level.

But if the user has sufficient authorization and receives an error message(for example) -No service available
Message no. SGOS_MSG002
Then user can verify if the parameter Id SD_SWU_ACTIVE has value X in the user profile.
How to verify the user profile?
Select drop down menu System->User Profile-> Own data
Go to Parameter tab. Enter Parameter ID-SD_SWU_ACTIVE & Parameter value X.


For example: If it is required to attach document to sales order,Go to VA02 transaction code, use following menu path to create attachment:

System->"Services for Object"->Create Attachment
To view the attachments already attached use following menu path:

System->"Services for Object"->Attachment list

P.S - The menu path remains same in the respective transaction code to Change Sales Order/Delivery/Quotation/Inquiry/Billing Document.


  1. Unknown User (98r1svf3)

    This is nice.

    Do you have any idea to control the deletion of the attachments ?



  2. Former Member

    Hi Yathish,

    I was looking for "Services for Objects" button to create / display attachments.

    Thanks for this article !


    Nisha Vengal