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ERP Material ManagementERP - Material Management includes sub components as follow:

  • Purchasing : All the activities related to material procurement i.e. Purchase Requisition, Request for Quotation, Purchase Orders, Outline Agreement (Contract and Scheduling Agreement), release procedure
  • Inventory Management: All the activities for managing inventory in storage area i.e. Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Interanal Transfer (Material movements), Reservations
  • Logistics Invoice Verification: All activities related to invoicing process i.e. Invoice Receipt from Vendor, Automatic Invoice, Direct posting for material
  • Physical Inventory: All activities realted to carry out physical inventory in storage area i.e. Creating of physical inventory document, count, post difference, special inventory process (Cycle count, Inventory session)
  • Master Data in Material Management: Material Master, Vendor Master, Purchasing Master (Info Record, Source List, Quota Arrangement) 
  •  Material Valuation: All activities related to material valuation i.e. Material price change, Different kind of valuation ie. LIFO, FIFO, Lowest Value
  • Service Management: All activities related to Service management ie. Service master, Service entry sheet
  • Foreign Trade and Customs: All activities related to the import process
  • Product Catalog: All activities related to catelog management

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