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ERP Quality Management


The Quality Management component (QM) is part of the integrated R/3 System. With the functions of the Quality Management (QM) module, you can implement the most important elements of a QM system, as specified in ISO 9000. These functions are complemented by other integrated application components of the SAP system (such as MM, SD, PP). The QM application component is not installed as a stand-alone solution, but is integrated in all areas of the SAP business system.

The SAP QM module supports tasks associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control throughout an enterprise. It sets the specifications for quality and standard testing procedures, controls the creation of quality certificates and manages notifications related to quality. It also stores the quality data for raw materials, goods-in-process and finished goods. At the enterprise level, i.e., at the SAP level, you require quality data to be saved with customer orders and goods shipped and received.

Functions in QM Application Components -

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Inspection
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Certificates
  • Quality Notifications
  • Test Equipment Management

Quality Planning - Creating and Managing the Master data that is required to plan and execute quality inspections. It has basic data for Quality Management. The term "Quality Planning" covers inspection planning and its relevant basic data.

General master data (for example, material master, batch data, vendor master records)
QM specific master data (for example, master inspection characteristics, inspection methods, sampling procedures)
Inspection planning functions (for example, inspection plan, material specification)

Quality Inspection - Determines whether the units inspected fulfill the predefined quality requirements. SAP QM supports diverse variants for quality inspections. SAP QM supports a range of inspection processing variants that are differentiated using the inspection type.

Inspection lot processing (from creation to completion)
Results recording
Defects recording
Sample management
Interfaces to subsystems (such as QM-IDI- allows the transfer of measurement data, using a keyboard wedge)

Quality Control - Implementing different preventive, monitoring and corrective activities. These activities will be based on the specifications from quality planning and the evaluations of quality isnpections and quality notifications.

Dynamic modification of the inspection scope
Statistical process control (SPC; control charts, results history)
Quality scores (cp value, cpk value)
Vendor evaluation
Quality-related costs


Quality Certificates - Certifying the quality of the material or Product. Quality Certificates contain texts, specifications, values and inspection results.

Certificate of conformity
Works test certificate
Certificate of analysis

Quality Notifications - Recording and processing internal or external problems that are primarily caused by poor quality of goods or services.

  • Defect Analysis
  • Customer Complaint
  • Complaint against Vendor
  • Dcoumentation

Test Equipment Management - Managing Master data as well as the planning and processing calibration inspections for test and measurement equipment.

Creation and management of test equipment master data
Calibration planning functions (for example, definition of calibration cycles)
Calibration inspection functions (for example, inspection specifications)

Calibration inspection processing and Test equipment tracking

Benefits of SAP QM -

Manages quality information for materials, vendors and manufacturers.

Manages the inventory of goods during the inspection and takes the goods being inspected into account for materials planning purposes.

Monitors the shelf-life of batches and the deadline for recurring inspections.

Manages quality inspections for manufacturing orders.

Manages problems in production using quality notifications and by processing corrective tasks.

Manages problems in sales and distribution with the help of quality notifications and by processing customer complaints.

Quality Management Frequently Asked Questions are here Relationns between QM and master service 

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