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Menu Path- SPRO-IMG-Logistic execution-shipping-Deliveries-   Define  item categories for delivery-(T-code -OVLP)
  A) Title Section-Copy the standard delivery item category and name it. Make changes as per your requirement.
 Document category-  Maintain J for delivery. This field determines how the system stores and keeps track of document data.
B) Material/Statistics-
 1)Material no o is allowed- If you have text item to be entered in delivery tick mark the check box.
 2)Statistics group of item category-Maintain required statistics group in this field. when you generate statistics in LIS ,the system uses the combination of statistics group to determine the appropriate update sequence.
 3)Stock determination rule-Maintain required stock determination rule. This field's setting is required in repetitive manufacturing profile.
C) Quantity- This section control quantity of delivery item in delivery document. 
1) Zero quantity check- Settings in this field allows you to enter item with zero quantity in delivery document and type of message.

2) Minimum quantity check-settings in this field decide system reaction for minimum quantity to be delivered.

3) Check for over delivery- settings in this field specifies system reaction during delivery processing quantity exceed original (sales order) quantity. 
D) Warehouse controlling and packing- This section control warehouse related activity and packing of delivery item category. 
1) Relevant for picking- Tick the check box if delivery item is relevant for picking 
2) Storage location required- Tick the check box if storage location is mandatory in delivery processing.

3) Determine storage location- tick the check box if system to determine storage location automatically.

4) Do not check storage location- Indicates whether the system should run a check for storage location that was determined. 
5) No batch check- Tick the check box if system not to  check the batch. In case of Inbound delivery  batch check is not required. 6) Packing control- Select the value if system to decide packing functionality in delivery processing.
7) Pack accumulated batches- When this indicator is set, deliveries can be packed automatically, even if no automatic batch split occurred. 
8) Automatic batch determination- Tick the check box if you have automatic batch determination for delivery item. 
E) Transaction flow-

Text determination procedure- Maintain required text determination procedure.

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