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Menu Path- SPRO-IMG-Logistic execution-shipping-Deliveries- Define delivery type ( T-code -OVLK)

A) Title Section-Copy the standard delivery type and name it. Make changes as per your requirement.

Document category- Maintain "J'.

B) Number system- In this section number range for delivery documents can be defined.  
Both number range are possible- internal and external. 
Item number increment-Maintain required interval for delivery item number increment. 
C) Order reference- Mostly all deliveries are created with reference to Sales order. In this section referencing requirement for delivery can be maintained.

Order required-Maintained required referencing reason for delivery.

Default order type deliveries without reference to order- Maintain default order type for deliveries that do not refer to any order. 
Item requirement- Maintain required routine for item category which is created in delivery without reference to order. For example  returnable packaging. 
D) Document content-  
Storage location rule-Maintain the required  rule for storage location determination for picking. 
Text determination procedure-Maintain delivery header- text determination procedure. 
Document statistics group- This field updates statistics in logistic information system. Leave it blank for standard delivery type. 
Route determination- Maintain the required value for route determination in delivery if route determine in sales order to be checked. 
Delivery split-tick the check box if delivery split required according to warehouse no. 
Delivery split for additional partners- tick the check box if sales order item as different partner functions. 
Automatic packing- if this field is checked than system proposed automatic packing in delivery. 
Generation of packing material item- Tick the check box if you want to bill packaging material to customer or maintain packaging material in IM. 
Output determination procedure, Output type and application-Maintain required values in these fields and application -V2. 
Partner determination procedure- Maintain required partner determination procedure. 
Rescheduling- Maintain the value if re-determination of shipping deadlines should be run for backlog orders. 
Distribution mode-Maintain the setting if delivery to be distributed through various criteria. 
E) Transaction flow- Maintain values for screen sequence group for delivery document header and item and for display range.

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