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Field description of Schedule line category 
Menu Path- SPRO- IMG- Sales and distribution- Sales-Sales documents-schedule lines-Define schedule line category (T-code) -VOV6 
Copy the standard schedule line category and Name it. Change it as per the requirement. Unlike Sales document type and item category you can name it with two letter or digits. 
A) Business data- Controls delivery  and Inventory management  related settings. 
1)Delivery Block- Maintain the  required reason if system to apply delivery block automatically. Like credit reason ,quality problem etc.  
2)Movement type & Movement type-One step procedure 

- Specify the key for goods movement(It is physical or logical movement of the goods that changes stock level or resulting in consumption in material. In case of Intercompany stock movement, movement type-one step procedure is also  to be maintained. 
3)Order type- Maintain the required value. This is must for  third party business process. 
4)Item category in purchasing document-Maintain the required value. It shows item features in purchase order like material no, Invoice no, GR and IR. 
5)Account assignment category-Maintain the value if accounting for an item to be effected via auxiliary account.  
6) Item is relevant for delivery- activate the field for delivery related schedule line. All standard schedule lines are relevant for delivery like CP While CS- third party schedule line is not relevant for delivery. 
7)Purchase requisition with delivery scheduling- In case of third party sales, if you want vendor to ship the goods to customer through you, you may need extra time to forward the goods to customer, activate this field. 
Steps  no 3,4,5 and 7 are mandatory for third party sales. 
B) Transaction flow- 
1) Incompletion procedure- Maintain required incompletion procedure. Normally delivery related ... 
2) Requirement/assembly- Transfer or requirements/begin assembly order from SD- Activate this field if system to trigger transfer of requirement. 
 3) Availability check- Activate this to carry out availability check. 
4) Product allocation- In case of availability check against product allocation -activate this check box.