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The purpose of this section is to describe the foreign trade incompletion procedures at docuemnt header and item level. How they are assigned to a business scenario and to describe the possibilities around exclusion and inclusion indicators in the SD billing document.


You can assign an incompletion procedure to a country. This would be for example to make sure that critical data required by the authorities in the Intrastat report is filled during document processing. You can choose to issue a warning to the user when data is missing or issue a hard error to make sure the documents cannot be saved without the critical information. The exclusion indicators can be used to exclude a specific process from reporting for example, this is done through the item category.

Incompletion and Exclusion.

SAP Note:173411 describes the foreign trade completeness requirements.As of 46C only one field is required for the incompletion.

The customising path for incompletion is :


    • Transactions VI29 Define Incompleteness procedure (_Define the incompletion procedure & field control etc.)
    • Transactions VI49; Assign Incompleteness procedure (M{_}aintain the country of the shipping point)

If you have many incomplete billing documents you have the possibility to run the report RVFTCMPL. Here you can select all your incomplete invoices. There is a Button Analysis-Incompletion and a Button Change.


You can define and assign exclusion indicators for item categories in customising

    • Transaction VI30 - Define exclusion
    • Transaction VE80 Assign exclusion

Menu path in customising is:

S&D > FT > Periodic declarations > Control data > Inclusion/exclusion indicators

You can manually exclude an item or a billing document from the periodic report in the billing document header or item via field. (exclusion/inclusion) in tab declaration.

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