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Guidelines for ERPLO space

Here are the guidelines to be followed in ERPLO space.
Please review them carefully before contributing. This will ensure consistency and less confusion in managing the Wiki contents. If you do not agree you have the choice to not follow but then .....

Table of Contents

Naming Convention

Here is an explanation of the naming convention of pages to be used.
From the ERPLO Main page (set as default) the different functional modules will branch out. For example Production Planning, Warehouse Management, Material Management ...... and so on. Those pages not already created have a + sign beside them. If you click on that page it creates a new page.

The name of the pages have been intentionally kept to ERP PP, ERP WM, ERP MM, ERP TM, ERP SD etc. to save on valuable on screen real estate.
The Links which are on the right hand side of the pages are just 30% column width and ERP MM fits in one line than "ERP MM - Material Management" which rolls into the second line.

For sub-module pages similar short naming standard is best suited. For exmaple Material Requirement Planning page under Production Planning will be named PP-MRP. The advantage is two-fold, mapping with standard SAP application component (familiarity with OSS and and saving on screen real estate as well as less typing for links : )

And any module specific master data pages should be named as xx-MD, xx being the module like PP, WM etc. So the Material Management Master Data page is named MM-MD.

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When you create new pages either by clicking a link with a + icon or creating new page by clicking on the Add Page functionality, you will get a option of choosing from Template in the new page. Select the link for Template.

Currently there are three templates that you can use one for main module page (say for Production Planning), one for sub-module page (say for PP-MRP) and one for FAQs.

Wiki Hierarchy

The ERP Logistics Operations page is the starting point of the ERPLO space. The child pages to this will be only the modules specific pages like ERP PP, ERP MM, ERP WM and common ones like Interesting collection of link, Bibliography, FAQ home and Learning Map.

The sub-module pages should be created as child to the respective module pages like Master Data for Material Management page, Inventory Management are child pages under Material Management page.

FAQ main page under ERPLO space is the main page which will have module-specific FAQ pages. And you should link this module-specifc FAQ page to the module page and vice versa.

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How to link?

Links if internal to Wiki should NOT have the typical web URL format.
If it is in same namespace (e.g. ERPLO) then just type


for the Production Planning page link to show up as ERP PP.
On the other hand if you want the expanded form to appear as the link then use Wiki notation

[Production Planning|ERP PP]

which will show up as Production Planning.

If you need to link another page in another Wiki space its a bit different. You need to know the namespace (this is ERPLO, for Supply Chain Management Wiki space its SCM). Then the link will be like

[Transportation Planning in SCM|SCM:APO-TPVS]

which shows up as Transportation Planning in SCM.

For external links (outside of Wiki) you need to use the typical web URL format like

[help documentation|]

which shows up as help documentation

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When to click on Edit tab

If you are sure to add or modify something in the page then only click on the Edit tab. If you have mistakenly clicked on Edit but have nothing to change (or do not want changes to be saved) please click "Cancel".

While saving make it a practice to put a comment. If you making minor changes one after the other then finish all changes (use Preview option) before clicking the "Save" button. Do not worry about consinuously saving. Wiki is intelligent enough to carry out auto-save in the background. So even if your session gets closed, if you come back again it gives an option of "resume editing".

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Regarding Points

Points is a very contentious point to discuss. There is no formal guidline but its left to the discretion of the Moderators. BTW a Moderator cannot assign points to himself : (

The general thumbrule is

If you create a page with good content


If you create a page with some content


If you just create a page


If you create a page, child pages all with good content

maybe 100

Incremental addition to content

2 to 5

Spelling and layout corrections


Spruce up the layout and design


Wiki full notation guide

Its there on your right hand side at the bottom of the panel in Edit mode of any Wiki page but also here

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