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These are few of the terms that are important from the Warehouse perspective in SAP.

  • Movement type

A movement type is a three-digit number used to distinguish between the various goods movements (such as goods receipts, goods issues, stock transfer and transfer postings). It also identifies where the goods are destined (i.e. to unrestricted stock, blocked stock or goods receipt blocked stock).

  • Quant

A quant is the existence of a material in a storage bin. The material quantity in a quant can be increased by an addition to existing stock

  • Stock transfer

A stock transfer is the physical movement of materials from one warehouse to another, from one storage bin to another within a warehouse, or from one plant to another plant.

  • Storage bin

Within each storage type individual storage bin are defined. The storage bin is the smallest geographical or organizational unit that can be addressed by SAP R/3. Bulk storage tanks could be defined as storage bins.

  • Storage location

A storage location is a logical subdivision of a plant where material is stored.

  • Storage section

The storage section is a logical subdivision of the storage type. Its use is optional

  • Storage type

The storage type is the physical storage area within the warehouse that are differentiated according to their organizational and technical characteristics.

  • Transfer requirement

A transfer requirement is created in order to plan a stock movement. The transfer requirement indicates a need to move a specific quantity of a material into the warehouse or to move a quantity out of the warehouse.

  • Transfer order

The transfer order is an instruction to move materials from a source storage bin to a destination storage bin within the warehouse complex. 

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  1. Former Member

    Picking area

    It is on the same hierarchy level as the storage section and can subdivide the area of storage type to control the stock removal process, but it is an optional organizational unit.

    Storage unit

    It is a logical grouping of one or several amounts of material such as pallet or a container that can be managed within a warehouse as a unit that belongs together.