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Master Data in Material Management

Master data plays an important role in Material Management. There are mainly three categories of master data in Material Management as follow:

  1. Material Master:It is the Centralised Repository for the materials information for the fuctions of a company like Sales,Forecasting,planning,Accounnting etc.Material Mater details will be pulled into the applications which when done the transactions.Material Master can be created at the Transaction code MM01.Material master can be created for a plant or sales organisation etc
  2. Vendor Master:This also serves as a centralised repository for the Vendor Data and will be pulled into the applications.The data lik its address ,Finacial details like tax details, partner functions of the vendor , etc will be maintained .Since the purchasing belonhs to the purchasing organisation in a firm and the accounting takes by the company the data will be maintained at company code level and purchase organisation level for the vendor master.Centrally Vendor master data can be created at the transaction code XK01 and for purchase organisation level at MK01.
  3. Purchasing Master
    1. Info Record:In order to achieve effective purchasing process , Info    record will be created as  a master data , which will tell about the Material ,Vendor combination for a price at purchase Organization level and at plant level .This info record can be created at the transaction code ME11 for the purchasing processes like standard,subcontracting,consignment etc.During the creation of a purchasing document , the information in the Info record will be pulled to the document there by reducing the effort.Also this data will be useful in finding a supply source during the creation of    Purchase Requisition
    2. Source List:The sources (vendors) for a particular material will be maintained as source a list at plant level. This master data will provide the compatibility to block or to fix a source from supply at purchasing level. Source list can be created at the transaction code ME01
    3. Quota Arrangement:Quota Arrangement will decide about the quota for supplier to supply especially when there are number of sources to supply a material. This will be extremely useful when a new source is being introduced along with other sources. Quota Arrangement can be created at transaction code MEQ1.

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