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Material Determination uses cond tech to swap one material for another in a sales order, when certain conditions apply. Substituting one product with another product is called material determination. The product is only substituted during the specific period.
You can use material det if you want the system to automatically substitute, for e.g.:
-          Customer specific product numbers with your own material numbers.
-          International article numbers (EAN's) with your own material numbers.
-          Substituting discontinued materials with newer materials
-          Seasonal products.
SPRO- IMG- SD- Basic Functions- Material Determination-
-          Maintain prerequisites for material determination
-          Assign procedure to sales doc types: determination rule
-          Define substitute reasons: OVRQ
Create Condition Table: select 'Material Entered' from field catalog & save
Maintain Access Sequence: go to new entries, give 4-digit code with descp. Select the 4-digit code and go to Accesses and fill access no, table, descp, requirement (blank). Select the line and go to Fields and save.
Maintain Condition Type: go to new entries, give the same 4-digit code as given to acc seq. Assign acc seq to cond type and mention valid from and valid to date.
Maintain Procedure: go to new entries, define 6-digit code with descp. Select the 6-digit code and go to control data and assign cond type to the procedure.
Assign Procedure to Doc Type: assign sales doc type to the 6-digit procedure.
Define Substitution Reasons: go to new entries, define 4-digit code with descp. In substitution reasons you will also find entry, warning, strategy & outcome.
-          Entry: check this field if you want the original material and not substitutes to be printed in the output.
-          Warning: check this field & a warning message is displayed before material is substituted
-          Substitution Strategy: controls whether product selection should occur automatically in the background or whether the alternative materials should be offered for selection in a dialog box.
-          Outcome of substitution: controls whether the outcome of product selection should replace the original entry or whether it should be recorded as a sub item of the original entry
Condition Records: VB11, enter original material, substitute material, substitution reason & validity. For multiple items select product & click on 'Alternative Materials Button'.
o        Leave the warning & strategy indicators blank, or you will not be able to perform automatic product selection based on ATP.
o        In outcome of Substitution, you must choose either A or B. Do not leave this field blank. One of the most important decisions that you have to make about the product selection process is whether or not substitutions determined in the order are to be redetermined in the delivery.

Outcome A

Outcome B

Create as sub items



New Product Selection in Delivery



Outcome A:
-          Product substitution re determined when copying them from sales order to del.
-          Rush order not supported
-          Main items & sub items must be carried through from the sales doc's, to the delivery, to the billing doc.
-          If you use listing & exclusion in the sales doc process, the system does not take them in to account while re determining substitutions in the delivery.
Outcome B:
-          The system does not re determine product substitution when copying them from sales doc's to the deliveries. All items are copied directly.
-          Rush orders fully supported
-          Main items & sub items do not have to be carried through from the sales doc, to the delivery, to the billing document

-          If listings & exclusions are used in the sales doc process, the changes made as a result influence the delivery documents. Regards,Venkataswamy Y.

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