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This wiki page will discuss a well sort out error message FF709 - Error in account determination: table & key & & & faced during account determination for tax condition type on posting/interface between billing document & accounting document.


If your account determination is based on tax condition type, then you may get following error involving table T030K. Say,
"Error in account determination: table T030K key INT MWS"

Here every word has meaning. So, if we dissect the error message, understanding of error would be easily. Refer following diagram.

Following are the few program names which are associated with this message number:

  • LF0PRF04
  • LF0PR_EUF04
  • LFACSU41
  • LJ1ASU03
  • LTAX1F02
  • LTAX1U12
  • LTAX2U18
  • LVIVUU01


1. Tax Condition Type

In transaction V/06, the tax condition type condition class & condition category used should be relevant for taxes. Refer following screenshot.

2. Tax Determination for the Country

In transaction OVK1(Table TSTL). Your tax condition type should have been maintain against respective country.

3. Account Key

In your pricing procedure, transaction V/08, you should have assigned proper account key.

For tax relevant account keys are maintain in truncation OBCN(Table T007B). And same account keys will reflect as transaction key in transaction OB40(Table T030A).

4. Tax Code

The tax code should be maintain. Here Tax code are maintained in the same country, which you have maintained in Tax Determination for the Country. Use transaction code FTXP(Table T007A/T007C/T007S) to maintain the tax code.

5. Account Determination

Use transaction OB40 for maintaining relevant accounts under account key & chart of account.
Table T030K is maintain through transaction OB40. Where you maintain data based on account key(transaction key) & chart of account in Group Key %TX - Taxes on sales/purchases. This determination is similar to OBYC.

Here you can have additional field tax code as key combination for account determination. Refer following wiki on tax code for further explanation.


There can be various causes for this issue. Most prominent one are list below.
If the above mention pre-requisite are properly maintained like

  • TCode OB40 setting
  • Account key in pricing procedure
  • Tax condition type setting
  • Condition record(VK11)with proper validity & tax code
  • Tax code properly getting determined in pricing

In that case, through transaction FS00 check your G/L account's tax category is maintained or not. Under control data tab of the G/L account, it should be either

Tax on Sales



Output Tax Account


All tax types allowed


Only output tax allowed

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  1. Hi JP,

    You have written a very nice wiki for the Tax Determination and Tax pricing.Very well documented with each thing clearly mentioned the link to understand how it is determined.

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