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Production Planning - Master Data

Welcome to the PP-MD page.

Definitions in Production Order

What is being produced ?

Main Product
Bi-Product/ Co-Product

When is it being produced ?

Planned Order Dates
Basic Order Dates
Calculated Dates
Confirmed Dates
Start Date
End Date

How much has to be produced ?

Planned Order Quantity
Production Order Quantity
Confirmed Quantity
Actual Goods Receipt Quantity

From whom are we producing (Cost Object) ?

Cost Center

Which resources and methods are being used in production ?

Material Usage/ Bill of Materials
Routings/ Recipes
Work Centers/ Resources
Production Resource/ Tools

Which costs are incurred in production ?

Planned Costs
Actual Costs

Master Data for Production Order


Procurement type E or X
MRP, Work Schedule, Acct. and Costing Data

Bill of Material

Material Usage (Material Number, Quantity, Item Category)
Storage Location (Proposal for Withdraw)

Work Center

Operation default values
Available capacity and formula requirements
Activity type and formula costs


Standard Values

Production Resource Tools

Required Quantity and Usage Value
Control Data



Link to

Useful OSS Notes


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Sub section 1

Sub Section 2

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