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To clarify the options and impact of the foreign trade settings in the copy control between the delivery type and the billing type inSales and distribution.


The export setting in the copy control has an effect of how the foreign trade data in a billing document is derived. Depending on your business requirement you need to be aware of this and how each setting affects the follow on and preceding documents in the business flow. With this understanding you can avoid data loss or unexpected or inconsistent foreign trade business data when changes, cancellations or deletions are carried out in retrospect in a business process flow.

Copy controls ( transaction VTFL and VTFA )

If we take a standard trading goods document flow, the documents would be Order type OR, delivery type LF and item category TAN 

In the header copy controls for this combination F2 > LF > TAN you can set 'Determ.export data' field with the following possible options  ‘ ‘, 'A', or 'B' in the field (V_TVCPFLK-EXPIM).

When you create a billing document in transaction VF01, VF04 or VF06 the foreign trade data will be transferred, copied or re-determined new when the billing document is being created. When the billing document is saved the key foreign trade indicators in the document are the header fields export indicator (VBRK-EXPKZ) and the number of export data (VBRK-EXNUM)

Depending on the setting you have in V_TVCPFLK-EXPIM for the document combination the system reaction to these settings is as follows:

1              ‘  ‘           refer to delivery, if this is used the system copies and keeps the Foreign Trade data from the delivery

                               The billing document and delivery document therefore share the same foreign trade data. One consequence of  

                               this would be that, any change made to the foreign trade data in the delivery or billing document will be also

                               apply to the other document as they both share the same Foreign trade data.

                                The exnum key is copied and remains the same as was in the delivery document 


2              'A'             Copies the Foreign trade data from the delivery as above but creates a new exnum key. That is the exnum key

                                 in the delivery is different than the one in the new billing document although the data is identical

                                In this case If you change the data in the billing document or in the delivery then that change is unique to that document

                                with no effect on the other document The exnum keys in LIKP and VBRK are different



3              'B'             All foreign trade data is re-determined as new there is no data transferred from the delivery The exnum keys in LIKP and VBRK are different

                                  In the billing header the field Export corresponds as follows to these copy control options 

                                  ‘ ‘            =             X

                                  'A'           =             Y

                                  'B'            =             Z

Note:    In VTFL the export indicator should always be set to 'B' for an intercompany billing process and also for any 3rd party billing process.

Also if you combine multiple deliveries in 1 invoice. A different setting could otherwise result in issues if billing or delivery changes are posted in retrospect.


The business document that is used for Intrastat reporting is the billing document. Whatever setting you have in the copy control affects how the foreign trade data is captured and if subsequent changes to the reference delivery document will affect the data in the billing document.

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