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In some industries Freight/Customs duty/insurance paid to the vendor can be reimbursed, in such cases costs incurred for these activities should not be inventoried (Legal requirement in some countries). It should be collected in different account and can be utilized / reimbursed.

Application Design:

  1. New condition type to be created by copying the standard condition type FRA1/FRB1/FRC1
  2. Condition category of the new condition type should be Blank and maintain X-Negative value in the plus/minus field. Accrual must be flagged.
  3. Assign new condition type next to the standard condition type in the pricing procedure. Both the condition types must be maintained in the pricing procedure.
  4. Create new account key and assign this account key to new condition type
  5. Maintain new GL account for this account key in OBYC

Configuration Setup:

1.New condition type ZFR1 created by copying FRA1 - M/06.Accrual flagged in this condition type same as FRA1.        


2.New account key ZR1 created

OLME -- >conditions -- >Define pricing Determination process -- >Define Transaction/Event keys

 3.Assign this condition type to pricing procedure - M/08 .Also assign transaction key ZR1 .

4.GL account maintained in OBYC for this new account key -ZR1

Transactional data:

Test Data:

Material RM1000        Price control: V        Vendor : 1000         Freight vendor : 5500

1.Create PO with main vendor 1000.

Maintain same conditions for FRA1 and ZFR1.

Maintain different vendor-5500 for FRA1 condition type         


2. Goods receipt debits freight amount to separate account

3.Invoice receipt for material vendor

4.Invoice receipt for freight  vendor



It has been proved that irrespective of price control planned delivery cost can be posted to separate non-inventory GL account .