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Condition Type Discussed

Condition Type




Minimum SalesOrdrVal

Minimum Order Value


Minimum ValueSurchrg

Minimum Value Proposal

Use of Condition Types in a Business Scenario

If business would like to define minimum order value for this customers.
For instance, minimum order value 10000 is defined for customer A (that means he should place the order that should not be less than 10000) other wise he may be charged the difference amount as a surcharge by the system by using the condition type AMIZ and AMIW

How to Take Use of These Condition Type.

We can create a minimum value for each order using condition type "AMIW". If the value in the order header falls shorter of this minimum order value during pricing then the system will copy it as the net order value automatically. It is a

  • Statistical condition, and
  • Group condition,

AMIW is a condition type for maintaining min sales order value and in the pricing procedure we check it as:



Sub Total


Routine for Requirement


AMIW is a condition type used as a reference condition type for AMIZ. So that condition records can be maintained only for AMIW.
By using TCode VK11 and maintain condition record for AMIW.

AMIZ is a condition type for surcharge and in pricing procedure

Routine for Requirement


Routine for Cal type


Behaviour of Condition Typs in Pricing

When we maintain a condition record for AMIW , Even though the price of the material is less than the sales order value it will consider the value of AMIW record and the difference amount will we considered as surcharge (AMIZ). Those value are shown only in billing document .

SAP Note

SAP Note No

SAP Note Description


Proposed minimum value AMIZ determined incorrectly


Proposed minimum value AMIZ determined incorrectly II


Minimum order value