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 To provide information on the base requirements for the calculation and determination of the foreign trade price

via price condition GRWR.


One of the most important reporting criteria requested by the statistical authorities is the statistical value of the goods. 

This section shows how you can set up your pricing procedure in sales and distribution to make sure that the price condition,

which is the origin for the foreign trade statistical value, (GRWR) is correctly determined and available intrastat reporting.

This is transferred from pricing to the item foreign trade table EIPO and field GRWRT statistical value.

Pricing in SD foreign trade documents

The pricing condition used in foreign trade is the statistical condition GRWR.


At the point where the billing document is generated the pricing function determines the condition value using the condition technique.

This value is value is transferred into the field EIPO-GRWRT and this can be viewed in the foreign trade TAB of the item under (Statistical value)

To make sure the price is determined correctly in sales and distribution:

You have to maintain condition record master data for all entries in transaction VK11 normally with a key of the incoterms.

The value for the authorities is dependent on the incoterms of the item.

In the pricing procedure customising (transaction V/08) you have to include condition type GRWR

This condition must be maintained with the field SUB TO with a value of C = carry over value to KOMP-GRWRT (statistical value)

with the requirement 008 for export business and flagged as a statistical condition.

With this customising in place and the condition record master data the condition record value will be retrieved

* Note The currency of this condition is always taken from the currency of the company code set in transaction OBY6.


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