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Pricing in Product Hierarchy
Pricing procedure on first three digits of product hierarchy, defined in the material master, via condition technique.

Pricing structure for line item is KOMP. KOMP structure can be explored via Transaction SE11 which shows that we have only PRODH field for all 18 digits of product hierarchy, whereas we need only the first three. So we can follow below steps.

1. Create the new data element ZPRODH1. Also create a domain with the length "3" and the data type "CHAR" for the new data element. Remember that new data fields must start with the letters "Z" or "Y", since SAP reserved these letters to protect them from being overwritten during a release upgrade.

2. Check whether the product hierarchy (PRODH) is found at header or at item level. In table VBAP, document field PRODH is defined as an item field.

3. Integrate the field name ZPRODH in the communication structure KOMP using the INCLUDE KOMPAZ and allocate the data element PRODH to it.

4. Activate the structure.

5. Check in which table the field PRODH exists.
The field is in table VBAP (sales document: item data).

6. Assign a value to the new field in the FORM routines for sales order processing and billing using the appropriate user exits: In sales order processing the user exit is found in member MV45AFZZ. The complete statement is:
MOVE VBAP-PRODH(3) TO TKOMP-ZZPRODH. ENDFORM.                                                             

The routines for assigning a value to the new fields in billing are found in member RV60AFZZ. The statement is as follows:

7. Allocate the specifications A, V and 001 to the field ZPRODH in table T681F. Use "E" has been added for fields in rebate processing.