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Process Order Management

Welcome to the Process Order Management Page.
Following Stages gives the entire flow of the Process Order Cycle from the Creation stage to the Archiving Stage.

Process Orders are either Created directly or Converted from the planned orders generated by MRP. Process in Background are -

  • Copying of Data from Planned Order
  • Selection of Master Data like Master Recipe, BOM
  • Scheduling, Calculation of Capacity Requirement
  • Calculation of Planned Costs

Process Planning (Process Order Creation and Release) activities in background are -

  • Capacity Availability Check
  • Material Availability Check
  • Creation of Reservation
  • Automatic Creation of Batch depending on the Customization if Batch managed
  • Creation of Control Recipes PI sheets..........

Process Order Execution -

  • Material Withdrawals
  • Confirmations of Orders
  • Inprocess Quality Inspections
  • Process Messages for Different Destinations
  • Goods Receipt

Order Closing -

  • Process Order Settlement (Variances & Co-Products are settled)
  • Process Data Documentation 
  • Technical Completion of Process Order (All the Open items against the order will be closed)
  • Process Order Closing (After the all the Settlement is done and after a certain period of time the orders will be Archived or Deleted)

Below Process Chart gives the entire process flow -

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