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The profit center in the sales order line item is normally populated with the profit center value maintained in the material master profit center field (MARC-PRCTR). However, under some circumstances it is required to replace the profit center that is proposed in the sale order line item with another profit center which is different from the profit center mentioned in the material master. It is possible to achieve this by using Profit Center Substitution in Sales Orders. This wiki gives you a step by step procedure to do this.

  1. The profit center is entered in the material master in the Sales: general/plant view.
  2. When sales order is created the profit center in the material master will be populated in the sales order line item profit center field, which is present in the account assignment tab. This is the standard SAP behaviour.
  3. To substitute the profit center, substitution rules have to be created. To define the substitution rules, use transaction 0KEM or the menu path IMG -> Enterprise Controlling -> Profit Center Accounting -> Assignments of Account Assignment Objects to Profit Centers -> Sales Order -> Sales Order Substitutions -> Define Substitution rules. Once in this transaction, click on Substitution icon to create a new substitution rule.
  4. Enter the code say ZZ01 and description of the substitution rule and click on save.
  5. Select the new substitution rule i.e. ZZ01 and click on the Step icon. System will give a pop up window in which the second option (profit center) has to be selected. Press enter or click on the green OK icon.
  6. After pressing enter, another pop up box will be seen. Here, select the first option i.e. constant value and press enter.
  7. You will be taken to the Step 001 - Overview screen. Enter the description for the Step and then click on Pre-requisites on the left side.
  8. In the next screen, double click on EC-PCA: Substitution in Sales Order under List of Structures. In the next screen, select the item based on which the substitution has to be done. For eg: Division in item. 
  9. After you double click on Division in item, you will find the Division in item in the box above. After this click on "=" button which is next to the table fields. You will now find "=" next to Division in item in the box above. 
  10. Now click on constant button. System will give a pop up box in which enter the division number on which the substitution rule has to be built for eg. Division 10 i.e. whenever the division at item level is equal to 10 the profit center has to be replaced. After entering the value, press enter. After this you will find in the box above Division in itm = '10'. 
  11. Click on Substitutions on the left hand side. On the right hand side enter the profit center number which has to be populated (i.e. the profit center that has to be substituted with) in the sales order line item if the pre-requisite is met. Check the check box next to profit center also. 
  12. Click on the save icon. System will give a message save and generation successfully completed. The substitution rule is now created. 
  13. Now the substitution rule has to be assigned to the relevant controlling area. To do this, use transaction 0KEL or menu path IMG -> Enterprise Controlling -> Profit Center Accounting -> Assignments of Account Assignment Objects to Profit Centers -> Sales Order -> Sales Order Substitutions -> Assign Substitution Rules. To assign the substitution rule to the controlling area click on new entries and enter the controlling area, substitution rule and active status. Appropriate active status can be given as per requirement for eg: 3. 
  14. When the sales order is created, you can observe that the profit center for the line item is 'YYYY' because the pre-requisite is met i.e. the item division of the material in the line item is 10. This means even though in the material master the profit center is 'XXXX', it has been substituted by 'YYYY' based on the substitution rule logic.  


  1. Unknown User (yct9kvk)


    Very nice document on profit center substitutions in sales order. But, why this procedure does not work for service orders, or warranty orders? I mean, when i create a service order and then use resource related billing to create my debit memo. At this time, the system does not use the substitution into the debit memo, instead defaults from the service order. How do we acheive this?



  2. Unknown User (gna0bzv)

    This is a helpful docuiment indeed, but I wanted to set the profit center according to the Industry of the customer master(KNA1-BRSCH).
    And this field is not availalable when defining a simple substitution. 

     Luckily I found SAP note 173798 very useful.

    The condition I used was SYS-TCODE = 'VA01' OR SYS-TCODE = 'VA02'

    I defined as substition the exit U901.

    Then made a copy of RGGBS000 to ZGGBS000 and added form U901 with some logic to set PCASUB-PRCTR as desired.

    To get this working I activated the new routine via tcode GCX2.

    This works like a charm. Transport of substitutions have to be done manually.

  3. Former Member

    good tips!!

  4. Hi,

    I did exactly the same as mentioned in the above article and used an EXIT for Substitution. The control is reaching the exit and I am changing the PRCTR and COBL-PRCTR fields. But it is not getting reflected at the Profit Center (Account Assignment) Item Level.

    What might be wrong? Any ideas!!?