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Dear All

The purpose of this quick reference document is to help with the problems that might appear during management of Rebates.


Problems or error

Possible Causes:

Solution,if it is noticed before a relavant billing document was created:

Solution:if it is noticed after
relevant billing document was created


The accrued amout is less than it should be,or zero

Payer is not activated for rebate

Activate the relavant payer
rebate flag in the customer master

Check all relevant billing documents
which have been created since the rebate valid from date.          





Consult your business financial manager  and Account and Receivables before canceling any documents.





Cancel all the billing documents.





Change creation date to today's date on the cancellation documents





Activate the customer payer.Re-create billing documents. Change creation date to today's date on new invoice documents.








Orders created within
rebate period, but invoiced after validity of rebate period

This is the way the system
works. It is the "service rendered date"that matters for rebate









Orders exist in a
different sales org(i.e. because of customer pick-ups)


Activate the Payer for rebates in this sales org.  Then create an additional rebate agreement in this sales org. Run the retoactive correction process








Invoices existed already before the rebate agreement was created. Even if the agreement was created later the same day, the existing invoices will not be taken into account

Run the rebate correction









Credit/Debit notes
created outside of validity period of the agreement,but got nonetheless deducted form/added to rebate value.

Credit/debit notes that are
created "with reference" copy the "service rendered date" from the original document. You can overtype this date before the billing doc is saved, so that the "servive rendered date" falls into the new rebate validity period.








The accrued amount is
different in "Sales Volume" and "Verification level" in VB03

This happens whenever
correction documents exist.  The "verification level" does not look at correction docs.

No correction possible.
Use the data in 'Sales volume" or review MCSI report








Wrong Unit of measure
(UoM) or wrong currency in rebate conditions

These fields cannot be

Cancel the rebate
agreement. Create a new agreement with the correct UOM.

Change all the rates for all the materials 
in the agreement to "0"(zero) value.










Create rebate correction memo.





Settle the rebate agreement.Create a
new rebate agreement with the correct Data. Validity period should be the same as in the original agreement.(VBO1).





Create rebate correction memo to
create new accruals with correct UoM(VOB3,VA02,VF01)







Tax(condition MWST) is
missing on rebate correction doc.


Click on Edit->New Pricing Document.
(the Update button is always grey on this doc type)

Cancel the rebate correction billing doc.
Open the rebate correction request doc in VA02. Click on Edit -> New Pricing Document. Re-create billing doc.







A correction doc has a
mistake on. The billing doc and accounting doc is already created.


Make the change in the
rebate agreement and run the correction process again. (Do not cancel the correction doc)








The two lines for
accruals on the billing document condition show different amounts.

Rebate settled without
rebate correction memo.(only relevant if changes had been made to the agreement)

As long as no billing doc is
created, you can notify BPC to cancel the rebate credit memo request,make the corrections in VB02 and run VOB3,create the correction memo,and then re-create the rebate credit memo request.

Send the (incorrect) credit note to the
customer.  The net value is correct,even if accruals are not.





Cancel the rebate credit memo which has
been already created(VF02).    Recreate Rebate credit memo using the original rebate credit memo request. During the creation, go to condition tab of item lines(materials), and change "condition value" of the 1st line to match the value indicated in the 2nd line.(Manually input the amounts) (VF01).    Do not sent the rebate credit memo to the customer.  It is just adjustment of internal financial documents.   Create Debit Memo(ZDR) to offset the condition value difference between 1st and 2nd rebate credit memo. (Debit amount = 2nd - 1st).  Materials are the same as above.(VA01,VA02,VF01).   Do not sent the debit memo to the customer. It is just adjustment of internal documents.  Request Cash application Analyst to clear the customer account.  Request Financial person to manually adjust the accounting document.



A rebate agreement was
created.  Accruals were made.  Then the rate was changed. The agreement was settled.(Rebate credit memo was created). Rebate correction memo was Not created to adjust the accruals according to the rate change. As a result, accruals are incorrect in the accounting documents, even though we create rebate credit memo OUTPUT with the right amount.









Final settlement is not possible.
(There are still open documents)

The correction process was not finalized. 
Billing Date is rebate correction memo dates from last month. No accounting doc created for correction memo.





Billing block still on.   
No rebate correction billing doc created

Remove billing block on
rebate correction memo request.  Create the associated billing document








No error message. But
rebate credit memo shows incorrect amount.


As long as the billing doc
for the rebate credit note is not created.  You can still cancel the rebate credit memo request, make the corrections in VBo2, and run VOB3, create the correction memo, and re-create the rebate credit memo request.

Once the billing doc is created and
agreement is in status "D", no more changes are possible.  Speak to Finance







Credit note does not print

Billing block still on?

Re-open rebate credit
request doc in VA02, and remove billing block.









Do output conditions
exist in VV33

Print document manually in
VF02.  Create output conditions in VV31 for future use.








Customer has changed
Payer number during validity of agreement.



Maintain two agreements: One for
old number and one for new number.  This will generate 2 rebate credit notes. If customer cannot accept this, speak to Finance, you might want to use the process for "National Rebate"







If you have any concern revert back the same to me.
with regards
Mohammed Amjad