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 A Rebate is a discount given to customer based on customer's Sales (Volume or quantity) for a time period.
 Rebates can be given retroactively.
 To process rebates, a Rebate agreement is created with the customer based upon certain criteria (time period, customer, material, customer-material and receiver of the rebate).

The Standard System has following rebates types:
 1) Group rebate
2) Material Rebate
3) Customer rebate
4) Hierarchy rebate
5) Hierarchy rebate/material
6) Sales independent rebate

The Following settings are mandatory in rebate processing:

 A) Activate Rebate processing in the Sales Organization.
      Path:  SPRO : IMG - Enterprise structure - Definition  - Sales and distribution - Define Copy, Delete, Check Sales Org.
       Select  your  sales org.  click on detail button
      Tick the Rebate Processing active check box.
  B)    Activate Rebate processing in Billing Document type
      Path- SPRO- IMG- Sales and distribution- Billing-Billing documents- Billing type

         Select the billing type  go to details ( T-code- VOFA) 
        Tick the checkbox- relevant for rebate processing
    C) Activate Rebate in Payer Master Record
      Open the  Payer Master record of the customer -T-Code: XD02
      And go to Sales area data section , Billing tab.
       Tick the check box- Rebate.

  Creating Rebate agreement (Customizing)
 Menu Path: SPRO- IMG- Sales and Distribution - Billing - Rebate Processing

 Step: 1      Maintain Access Sequence in Pricing
      Menu Path: IMG -- Sales & Distribution -Basic function -- Pricing - Pricing controls Define Access Sequence --- Maintain Access Sequence.
      B003 is the   standard access sequence for Customer Rebate. Copy the same and define new   access sequence ZB03. Save.
      Click on the ZB03 and click the Accesses. A screen has to appear.
     Then click on the Fields. A screen appears.
 Step: 2  Define Condition Type
      Path: SPRO-  IMG -Sales and distribution -  Basic Functions - Pricing - Pricing Controls Define condition type - Maintain Condition Type.                                                     
      B003 is the standard Condition Type for Customer Rebate
      Copy B003 and save as ZB03 - Customer Rebate for Condition type.
 Step: 3 Select ZB03- Customer Rebate and Pick the Detail Button. And Maintain the Data  as per your requirement.
 Step: 4: Define Agreement Type
     Path: SPRO- IMG -Sales & Distribution -Billing - Rebate processing -Rebate aggreement - Define Agreement Types.
      0003 is the standard . Agreement type for Customer  Rebate Processing.
      Copy it and save as Z003 - Customer Rebate for  Rebate Agreement Type .Double click on it maintain the data as per your requirement. ( T-code- VB(2 )
 Step: 5  Define Condition Type Groups.
      Menu Path  : SPRO- IMG   Sales & Distribution-  Billing- Rebate processing -Condition type group - Define Condition Type Groups.
      Copy 0003- Customer condition group and save as Z003.
 Step: 6 -  Assign Condition Types/Tables to Condition Type Groups
      Menu Path: - SPRO- IMG   Sales & Distribution - Billing -  Rebate processing --- Condition Type Group - Assign Condition Types/Tables to Condition Type Groups.
      Assign condition type ZB03 to   Z003 condition type groups and save.
 Step: 7     Assign condition type groups to rebate agreement types
 Menu   Path:  SPRO- IMG   Sales & Distribution -Billing - Rebate processing -Condtion type group - Assign condition type groups to rebate agreement types.

      Assign condition type group- Z003 to Z003 agreement type and save.

Step -8 - Assign condition type ZB03 to your pricing procedure

     Menu Path:SPRO- IMG-Sales and distribution- Basic function - Pricing- Pricing control- Define and assign pricing procedure - Maintain pricing procedure -

     Assign condition type in step no 901 to 905 

     maintain Requirement type as 24 and account key ERB and ERU, 400 in From field.

 Step: 9   Create Condition Record.
      T-Code: VBO1
     Enter required data.
     Then Click on the Condition.
     Enter required data and save it.
      Then a Screen will pop-up asking for Settlement Material. Enter required data and save it.
       A message will pop-up as Customer Rebate No ______ Created.
  Step: 9 - Create Sales order, Delivery and Billing.  We can see the Rebate amount in Billing.