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Master Data in Sales and Distribution

Welcome to the sub page of SAP Sales and Distribution wiki page for Master Data.

Master data is very important for all SAP modules. Theses are data records that remains in the database for a long period of time. And also has an organizational aspect as it is assigned to organizational units. So, if there is something wrong with master data that will have big impact or prevent your process. You can find the most important master data for SD Processes in SAP as below:

  1. Customer Master
  2. Material Master
  3. Customer – Material Info Record
  4. Condition Master Data for Pricing
  5. Output Master Data
  6. Others

Master data is created centrally and can be used in all applications. For example, a customer is master data that can be used in customer requests, orders, deliveries, invoices, and payments.

Even there are different methods to create them in SAP system, like manually created (if number data are limited) or through LSMW (where volume data to created is on higher).
So, this wiki is dedicated to discuss topics related to Master Data in Sales Distribution.

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