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This wiki will discuss of the method, where the sales department of a company like to capture details of Sales person while creating a Sales Inquiry.


This sales person are not linked to HR module.


This can achieved through partner determination for sales document header.

Process & Configuration

Master Data

To Create Sales Personnel (if you are not using HR module for Sales Personal) in SAP, use Tcode VPE1.


Partner Determination

  • You have to Maintain Partner Determination in SPRO:


    IMG - SD - Basic Functions - Partner Determination - Set up Partner Determination

As you can set it up in Sales Order (say, At Header),

Click: Set up Partner Determination for Sales Document Header

Maintain a Partner Determination procedure IN - Inquiry Order.
Make PE-Sales employee as mandatory in IN - PE-Sales employee in Partner Function Procedure in Partner Determination procedure.

Now, From Left-hand side tree, click on:

Partner determination procedure assignment
Here assign IN to your Sales Doc type (Say, IN - Inquiry).

Again from Left-hand tree, select
Account groups - Function Assignment

Here, Link all Customer Acct Grps to PE/ VE
Now in Sales Order (TCode: VA11/ 12), to include Sales Employee:

Goto - Header - Partner
here, in Column Partner. Function: Select VE/ PE as defined for Sales Employee


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