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Function Module GET_SERNOS_OF_DOCUMENT can be used to retrieve serial numbers corresponding to any of the following documents.

  1.  Delivery
  2.  Sales order
  3.  Material document
  4.  Inspection lot
  5.  production order
  6.  Internal Handling unit
  7.  Physical Inventory document

Import parameters:

Input parameters which needs to be passed changes based on the type of document.

Following are required fields to be passed as input parameters to get respective document  serial numbers

1. Delivery


KEYDATA-LIEF_NR  - delivery number

KEYDATA-POSNR   - delivery item number(optional)

2. Sales order


KEYDATA-SDAUFNR  - Sales order

KEYDATA-POSNR   -    Sales order item (optional)

3. Material document


KEYDATA-MBLNR  - Material Document

KEYDATA-MJAHR   - Material Document Year (optional)

KEYDATA-ZEILE     - Item of Material document(optional)

4. Inspection Lot


KEYDATA-PRUEFLOS  - Inspection Lot

5. Production Order


KEYDATA-PPAUFNR  - Production order

6. Internal Handling Unit Number


KEYDATA-VENUM -Internal Handling Unit Number

KEYDATA-VEPOS - Handling Unit Item

7. Physical Inventory document


KEYDATA-IBLNR -Physical Inventory document

Output table:

Serial Number details are retreived in the following table


Serial numbers can be extracted from field SERNOS-SERNR

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  1. Unknown User (v1ts12u)

    Hi Krishna,

    Thank you so much ,This was the one exaclty i am looking for ..

    Indrasanan Krishnan