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Hello Sapiens,

Hope everyone is doing good.Please find below the procedure for creation of Material Master Record

what is  MMR?

A data record containing all the basic information required to manage a material.

 Its a master record maintained in the system that contains all the specific data relevant to a material.

Number Assignment:

MMR  can have either internal or external number range assigned as per the configuration done at the time of implementation.

Material type:

Materials which have similar characteristics are grouped under the same material type

Material type controls

  1.  Number range
  2. screen sequence
  3. User departments/ views
  4. Type pf procurement
  5. Internal or external number assignment

Material valuation:

  • Standard price procedure - price control is "s"
  • Moving average procedure - price control is "v"

 Transaction codes used MMR are as follows

    1. Change MMR - MM02
    2. Display MMR- MM03
    3. Materials List - MM60
    4. Schedule changes - MM14
    5. Display changes -- MM04
    6. Change material type - MMAM
    7. Mass maintenance - MM17
    8. Flag for deletion - MM06
    9. Maintain storage locations - MMSC.
    10. Extend Material views - MM50

5.Step by step procedure to create Material master record.
  Internal number assignment is considered here

Key in Transaction code MM01 in the command field.
select Industry sector is Mechanical Engineering and material type is Raw Material ROH
Press Enter
Select views

Basic data 1
Basic data 2
General Plant data
 Accounting 1
Click on check symbol or press Enter
Key in plant and storage location codes in the populated screen then press Enter.
Enter description of the material   (eg. Ball bearing with specification)  , base unit of measure,material group
press enter, basic material is steel

we are maintaining the mandatory fields first then additional fields.
In purchasing view select purchasing group "001"
Press enter and in the next screen of accounting view 1 enter Valuation class as 3000 and  any standard price then on saving it MMR is generated.
Material 1448 is created in a given plant MBNR

Thanks and Regards,
Mohd Uzair Hussain

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Mohd, We have created a 2 million no. to catalogue each bit of tooling for our company in SAP. 

    Problem is the catalogued part which has been purchased wont show up in MD04 when stock is received in.

    Have gone through our normal proceedure and everything seems to be where it should be, are you able to shed some light on my problem, thanks.

    Jamie Robinson