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Third party order in Sales (in case of external procurement)


In this business scenario Company A accept the sales order of customer and asked third company/Vendor to deliver the goods and bills you. Subsequently you raise the invoice to the customer.


1. Material -

In this scenario Material type plays important role. While creating material in material master, material type to be selected as Trading goods and Item category group is BANS in sales :Sales org 2 tab and Procurement type to marked as F in MRP 2 Tab.

2. Item category - TAS

The Billing relevance in item category should be F - Order-related billing doc. - status according to invoice qty.

3. Schedule line category - CS

This is standard schedule line category is provided by SAP for Third party Sales.
CS triggers purchase requisition automatically in the back ground when save the sales order.

Note: If you need to created your own config based on business requirement w/o disturbing standard configuration, then copy it and make necessary changes. But, kept key factors in view.

4 Assignment for Schedule Line & Item Category

CS to TAS in TCode VOV5 and TAS to your order type in TCode VOV4.


1. Company ABC creates Sales order and Saves it. As soon as it is saved Purchase requisition is created in the back ground (Due to schedule line category).
2. The authorized person @ Company ABC converts that PR to purchase order and ask vendor to supply the goods to the customer.
3. The vendor sends the invoice for the delivered goods to the company ABC. Company ABC verifies the Invoice and do a invoice receipt for the invoice recieved form Vendor
4. Finally Company ABC raise invoice to the Customer.


Step1. VA01

Step2. ME21N

Step3. MIRO

Step4. VF01


It is assumed that MM and SD module configuartions are in place.

Further reference

Process Flow to Create Third-party Sales Transaction

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  1. Unknown User (yq9ibc2)

    A topic which might pop up is:

    as soon as you entered the invoice (MIRO), you can create the bill to the customer however the material flow takes longer than the invoice intake (thinking about EDI for instance). It might be the case that the invoice is faster on end customers side than the goods.

    We did not found out how to consider the delivery time of the supplier so far. Any further comments on this are welcome (wink)


  2. Former Member

    Pls explain how Company ABC verifies the Invoice to do the invoice receipt