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User Exit for DeliveriesIn shipping processing, there are other user exits available to you in addition to the Business Add-Ins:
User exits in the form of includes
These special includes are no longer conventionally delivered by SAP through upgrades or support packages, which means that your own changes to these includes will be kept. The includes contain empty FORM routines that are called at various points during shipping processing. You can fill the FORM routines with your own coding, in order to process your own additional data or to change data from the standard processing.
Because you can usually access various application data within these user exits, and no defined interfaces are available, there is a high risk of effects on the standard range of function. For this reason, you must take particular care with implementation and a wide range of tests to ensure your functional enhancements are completely failsafe.
Customer exits (SAP enhancements)
You can assign, and therefore activate, projects using transaction CMOD. For more information on each of the enhancements, see the documentation for the enhancements or its components. To do this, call up transaction SMOD and enter the name of the relevant enhancement.
The following gives you an overview of the existing delivery processing and shipping processing functions that you can influence using user exits.
Processing Delivery Data
WE can use the following includes to process delivery data:
This include contains routines for processing delivery header and item data, as well as for changing the Entire delivery at central points during delivery processing. For more information on the exit, see note 415716.
you can use this user exit to influence distribution of the delivery quantity to the batches found.
WE can use this user exit to control the confirmation requirement of an individual delivery item. You can only use this user exit for picking without Warehouse Management.
WE can use this user exit to control material determination (material listing, material exclusion, product selection), by changing the communication structures for accessing the condition tables.
This exit allows you to control the behavior of delivery creation for order-based deliveries in the case of incomplete delivery groups.
WE can use this exit to influence batch determination for an individual delivery item.
Status Updates
Include LV50PFZA enables you to determine your own delivery item status.
WE can use the include RV45PFZA to determine your own header status. This exit is also used by other applications in Sales and Distribution (sales order, billing document).
You can use the customer exit in enhancement V50PSTAT if you want to influence determination of the picking status in the case of rounding problems.
Incompletion Control of Deliveries
WE can use the include FV50UZXX to program individual incompletion checks for a delivery document. Note 158807 contain more information on this.
Decentralized Warehouse Management System
WE can use enhancement V50S0001 to control system behavior when you create deliveries in the decentralized Warehouse Management System:
Control of the input attributes of delivery fields for distributed deliveries
Control of number assignment for a delivery created in the decentralized WMS
Collective Processing of Deliveries
You can use the customer exits in enhancements V50R0002 and V50R0004 to calculate the stocks for displaying in the delivery due list.
WE can use the FORM routines in the include MV50SFZ4 to control output of the delivery due list in the old transaction VL04.
WE can use the include RVV50TOP to branch to user exits that you can use to influence the list output in transaction VL10. For more information see note 198137.
Stock Transfer Process
we can use enhancement V02V0001, if you want to control sales area determination of stock transport orders in a different way to the standard system.
Determinations in the Delivery
WE can use the following enhancements to control determination of the organizational units that control the picking or put away process of deliveries:
Function influenced
Storage location determination
Gate and staging zone determination (Header)
Staging zone determination (item)
Delivery Monitor
we can use the enhancement V50Q0001 to influence the data selection for outputting the list. For more information, see note 128150.
Constructing Wave Picks
we can control the construction of wave picks using the customer exits in enhancement V53W0001.
Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split
you can use the FORM routines in the include LV53SFZ1 to enhance the functions of the subsequent delivery split. The include LV53STZ1 enables you to enhance the type group that is used by the function modules of the delivery split. For more information see note 416765.
Processing Delivery IDocs
WE can use the following enhancements to influence processing of delivery IDocs:
Delivery (Inbound) : Copy data
Delivery (Inbound) : Prepare processing
Delivery (Inbound) : Evaluate resultV55K0004
Shipping notification (Inbound): Modification of IDoc control data
Purchase order (Inbound): Modification of IDoc control data
Shipping notification (Inbound): Copy data
Shipping notification (Inbound): Prepare processing
Shipping notification (Inbound): Evaluate result
User exit for BAPI replication/confirmation of deliveries Best regards,Venkataswamy.y 

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