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WM Interfaces

This page provides information about the links for most of the FAQs in the area of WM Interfaces with external systems that includes Radio Frequency Devices, Label Printers, Material Handling Devices like Conveyors, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (WM ASRS, Warehouse Execution Systems (WM WES). Due to the nature of the area, the information provided in this section will be functional as well as technical.

The WM Interfaces in a warehouse can include

  • Interfaces with Radio frequency Devices
  • Interfaces with Label Printers
  • Interfaces with Material Handling Devices
  • Interfaces with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Interfaces with external Warehouse Execution Systems

This section should also provide Information regarding

  • SAP standard WM Interfaces for IDOCs and BAPIs
  • Business Functionality of the WM Interfaces
  • Configuration Settings Required for the WM Interfaces


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