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WM RF Mobile Data Entry

The Warehouse Management Radio Frequency Device Integration (WM RFID) in a warehouse virtually integrates with all the execution operations in the areas of Inbound, Outbound and Internal Warehouse Operations.

This includes integration of the operations with

  • SAP Console/Web Console
  • Barcode Scanning Devices
  • SAP RFID Infrastructure
  • SAP Auto-Id Infrastructure

SAP's ERP Warehouse Management functionality offers a number of "pre-configured" RF transactions that are accessible by both SAPConsole and WebSAPConsole. These transactions include the most common transactions and simplify the set-up and configuration of mobile terminals. The business process for executing a task with an RF device integrated to SAP WM includes a configured user to log into SAP Console/Web Console through the RF mobile device, selecting different options available and scan the bar code data from labels to confirm transfer tasks. Once the RF device connection has been established for a user with SAP, the mobile terminal can provide the same functionality as a desktop terminal running the SAP WM module software. RF queue management can be used to effectively streamlining similar transfer tasks into each RF queue and users can be assigned to the RF queues to execute the tasks from the configured queues.


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