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WM Yard Management

This page provides information about the links for most of the FAQs in the area of WM Yard Management. yard management can help a company track the movement of trailers and provide inventory visibility with the receiving and shipping yard. A yard can be a physically enclosed area outside the warehouse where trucks and vehicles are processed, stored, or available for pick up by an external carrier. The yard can also be a virtual space where trucks and vehicles are visible only for planning purposes. In this SAP best practice we show a vehicle being checked into the yard, moved within the yard, scheduled to a dock, loaded with an outbound delivery, and checked out of the yard. These actions are accomplished using a combination of the new yard management transaction, the yard monitor, and mobile yard transactions.

Business Process in Yard Management

  • Create Vehicle
  • Create Transportation Unit (TU)
  • Assign Transportation Unit to Vehicle
  • Assign Delivery to Vehicle/TU
  • Check in Vehicle
  • Create Warehouse Task to Move vehicle from Check point to Parking Lot
  • Create Warehouse Task to Move vehicle from Parking Lot to Door
  • Create Warehouse Task to unload TU in staging area
  • Check out the Vehicle.

The key points for configuration include

Pre-requisite if using HU:

  • Maintain packaging material in R/3 and EWM (with material type VERP)
  • Maintain Packaging Material Type and HU type in EWM for product (Material) in product data
  • Define packaging specification to create HU for product.

Customization for Yard Management includes

  • Activate Yard management
  • Master data settings for yard
    • Define storage type with YARD
    • Define check points
    • Define section (Optional)
  • Define doors
  • Assign doors to yard bin


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