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This page explains how multi-level subcontracting works in S/4HANA systems.


<Testing environment>

This test case is tested on S/4HANA 1610 system. Release of software component S4CORE is SAPK-10103INS4CORE.

<Customizing settings>

Make sure all of the customizing settings are maintained as documented in note 2516504.

<Master data settings>

  1. OMIZ : Create 2 subcontracting MRP areas for 2 vendor 100982 and 100983.
  2. MM01 : Create the following materials with settings listed


    Plant : 0001

    Procurement type

    Special procurement type

    Production version

    MRP area assignment in MM02

    Subcontracting assembly 1 : NG_SUB_Assy1



    Must create with BOM selection


    Subcontracting assembly 2 : NG_SUB_Assy2



    Must create with BOM selection

    0001-SUB, special procurement  type = 30

    Component : NG_SUB_CMP




    0001-SUB2, special procurement  type = 45 (optional)

  3. CS01: Create BOM


    Header material

    plantBOM usage










  4. ME11: create subcontracting info record for assembly 1 and assembly 2. Set the indicator "Auto sourcing".

<Test steps and results>

  1. Create a requirement for material NG_SUB_Assy1, eg. create a PIR in MD61.

  2. Run MRP by MD01N.

  3. Check the result of MD04 for assembly 1. A subcontracting PR from vendor 100982 is created in plant 0001:

  4. Check the result of MD04 for assembly 2. In MRP area 0001-SUB, a subcontracting requirement from vendor 100982 is created and a subcontracting PR from vendor 100983 is created.
  5. Check the result of MD04 for subcontracting component.
    In MRP area 0001-SUB2, a subcontracting requirement from vendor 100983 is created and a stock transfer reservation is created.
    In plant MRP area 0001, a PR is created for the stock transfer reservation.

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