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In this section the archiving process of the production orders will be described.


First we survey the archiving reports, transaction SARA and residence times, then get some example to illustrate common problems. 

Archiving of the order

  • it has two or three steps depending on where the archiving is started: at database level or on production order level
  • the three steps are: deletion flag -> deletion indicator -> deletion from database
  • two reports can be used to reorganize the data:
      • PPARCHP1


  • this sets deletion flag and deletion indicator
  • Transaction SE38 -> Insert the report -> Execute


  • it can be run in a test mode
  • if a created order (status CRTD) is tried to be archived, the delivery date has to be cleared
  • the residence time plays an important role in the archiving (see in Note 540484 question 10)


  • until we have a ‘Residence time 1’, at one time only the deletion flag can be set, but not the deletion indicator

Residence time 1: determines the time interval (in calendar months) that must elapse between setting the delete flag
(step 1) and setting the deletion indicator(step 2)

  • after deleting 'Residence time 1' in Transaction OPJH (Production order type), in productive mode:

(in CO03 the status of the order: DLT and DLFL, the order is still available but not changeable)

Remark: DLFL (deletion flag) is possible to unset manually (but not in mass! Menu -> Functions -> Deletion flag -> Set/Undo) but  DLT (deletion indicator) is not possible to unset in standard, only a report (ZPSFC001) can be used


  • there is archiving write and delete program, depending on whether the user wants to access the order in the archiving system

  • these steps are usually done in transaction SARA (this is the main transaction for all archiving)
      • Transaction SARA -> Insert -> PP_ORDER as archiving object

Preproc: starts the report in background for setting deletion flag and deletion indicator (report: PPARCHP1)
Delete: data is physically deleted from database >>> PP-SFC tables will no longer contain this data
Read: if later want to access the archiving link and show the data again

  • it can be checked, which tables are deleted: SARA -> ‘Database tables’ button

Residence time 2: determines the time (in calendar months) that must elapse between setting the deletion indicator (step 2) and reorganizing the object (step 3)

(reorganization means 'physically delete from database')

  • after setting the deletion flag and indicator the order is still existing in COOIS at database level
      • Transaction SE16 -> Insert AUFK -> Insert order number >>> still exists


Example 1

  • the most typical issue regarding the archiving is setting the deletion flag, many user has the problem, that the flag cannot be set

Solution: deletion flag as long as purchase requisition or purchase order are existing cannot be set (see note 540834, question 7)


Example 2

  • the user uses too many data (too many orders) in the Preproc step: user started to use an archiving job and it was running again and again (at ‘Job overview’ a very high runtime is visible)

1. Go to: Transaction SARA -> PP_ORDER-> Preproc

2. Maintain -> Created flag set
3. Add the order type, set ‘set deletion flag’ flag and set test mode -> Attributes

4. Add a description -> Save
5. Back
6. Start Date -> Immediate -> Save
7. Execute (System has created new preprocessing job)
8. ‘Job overview’ button

9. Display Job log to check, which variant is used

10. Go to the job directly -> Choose the variant -> Check the selection criteria
11. Go to database level and check how many orders are effected, how many orders the customer tried to archive in one archiving run.

Recommendation: split the process into more archiving runs (influence it with basic start date selection criteria)

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