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In this section you can get familiar with the basic concept of the control key. 


We describe the concept of the control key, then see its relation to confirmation with some examples. 

The control key

In brief this controls, how the operation should be processed.

  • Transaction CO01/CO02/CO03
  • Operation overview -> Control key -> F4

  • The indicators:

- Schedule: should the operation be scheduled

- Determine Capacity Requirements: should the capacity requirements determined when the order is created for this operation

- Cost: flag should be set if the confirmation should send data to CO

- Automatic Goods Receipt: should an automatic goods receipt happen for the operation

- Inspection Characteristics: this is a QM topic (if the QM assigned an inspection to the operation, then they need the characteristics)

- Rework: if there is scrap in the operation, this scrap can be reworked to have a finished product; no automatic GR for rework quantity 

- Print Time Tickets/Print/Print confirmation: print control related settings (for detailed information see the F1 Help in your system)

- Schedule external operation: this only make sense, if we have an external operation, which is set in the control key too


Control key and confirmation

It is possible to post confirmation even if the order has already been final confirmed >>> to check if an operation should be confirmed or not, the system reads the control key

  • Indicator “Confirmation possible but not necessary”: it means, if the system checks whether the order should be confirmed, then the flag /possible but not necessary/ is not taken into account, the system doesn’t send an error and also doesn’t say, that this operation needs to be confirmed




Transaction CO03-operation details -> Control Key -> Indicator ‘Confirmation possible but not necessary” is set

>>> in CO03-header we can see the status CNF (confirmed), although only one of the operations was confirmed (status PCNF is expected, the reason for this the control key setting)


CO03-operation details -> Control Key -> Indicator ‘Confirmation required” is set for the second operator

>>> in CO03-header we can see the status PCNF (partial confirmed), as the system sees, there is an operation left, which needs to be confirmed



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