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In this page the basic confirmation customizing settings are described. 


You can read about customizing of order confirmation generally (transaction OPK4) and a special customizing possibility of screen in CO11N (OPK0).

Transaction OPK4 - Parameters for Order Confirmation

               - New entry button -> add plant and order type


               - Generally Valid settings tab  

Process control: important for goods movement >>> go to overview to see the different control keys listed (it is valid for both CO11 and CO11N)

            • process control key type: it defines if automatic goods receipt should be posted within the confirmation, at which point the data should be posted; ‘immediately online’ means if many data are posted this might result in a performance issue, it is needed to see in dialog if there is an error while posting the goods movements; it is recommended to use ‘immediately in upgrade program’ or ‘later in background job’ if customer posts many goods movements (see Note 208477 among the related notes)

Operation sequence check: you can set here for example whether it should be possible to post the confirmation for the successor operation (e.g. operation 20) even if the preceding operation (e.g. operation 10) had not been confirmed before

Under-/overdelivery: you can define the system reaction of an under- or overdelivery (it refers to CO03-header -> Goods receipt tab -> Tolerances)

QM Recording: inspection lot assignment; if we activate it, then the system checks whether there is an inspection lot assigned

Dates in the future: it determines whether it is possible to post the confirmations in the future

HR Update: should we call the HR function in handover the confirmation data or not (if it is set, then no data is handed over to HR)

Selection: if it is set, only open orders are confirmed (in milestone or progress confirmation); in this case open means not (finally) confirmed

Goods movements: this setting is related to the Goods Movement screen of confirmation; a material is not set as backflush, but the component is proposed; if the flag is not set, then the backflush is no longer proposed, only the movement (see KBA 1872575 among the related notes)

Propose time units: ‘automatic optimization’ means if minutes are detailed enough, e.g. customer has 1,2 hours rounded, the system checks if it would be better to display 1,176 hours in minutes (the lowest rounding error is automatically proposed); this makes sense if customer uses high units


 - Individual Entry General tab

Confirmation type: what the system should propose first (partial/final/automatic final confirmation

        • automatic final confirmation’ means if the planned quantity is reached, then the system posts automatically final confirmation and as long as the planned quantity is not reached, the system posts partial confirmation 

Error Handling/Logs: if you activate the flag for goods movements, then the system sends a message and says there was an error in the goods movement; if we set termination, then it is not allowed to post the confirmation at all, if there is an error in the goods movement (Termination for Incorrect Goods Movements: it ONLY works, when the goods movements are posted in dialog! this means, that in the Generally Valid settings tab -> Process control -> Overview should be at the column ‘auto GR’ ‘immediately online’ set, because the system can send a dialog only in this case)



- Indiv. Entry of Operation w. Int. Screen tab

        • only for CO11
        • precondition for each confirmation: the order needs to be released! (otherwise the reservations might not be active or the availability of the order might not be given)

OPK0 - Single Screen Entry of Confirmations

- New entries

Area selection tab: define here any setup of this transaction, what should be displayed on the screens (header area, detail areas, closed/not closed buttons…)

Default tab: proposal (should the quantities be proposed immediately or during the saving ), hide/show activities:


- Activate the confirmation profile:

          • set the flag as standard in OPK0

          • SU3 (User Profile Maintenance) -> Parameters tab -> Parameter ID=CORUPROF, Parameter value=the defined profile -> save

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