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The purpose of this wiki is to provide a central list of programs and function modules that can be used for debugging and troubleshooting in Shop Floor Control.


When troubleshooting issues related to production orders, in some cases it is necessary to analyze the program execution in debug, in order to get the root cause of the program. On this WIKI you will find the places where you can set a break-point to start this kind investigation.

Creation of a new production order:

When a planned order is converted to a production order:

  • FM CO_COM_ORDER_TYPE_PROPOSAL: Determination of the production order type.
  • LCOSDF2W - RESB_TRANSFER: Transfer components from planned order to production order (table RESB).
  • FM  CO_SD_PLANNED_ORDER_CONVERT: Convert planned order to production order.

When a production order is created directly on transaction CO01:

  • FM CO_SD_RESB_FROM_BOM_CREATE: Trigger BOM explosion.
  • LCOSDF11 - BOM_STB_TRANSFER: Reading the components from the BOM.
  • LCOSDF50 - FILL_RESBB_PORDER: Creation of the RESB records based on the BOM components.

Programs and function modules called in both cases: 

  • LCOVBF10 - RESB_POST: Save the RESB records on database.
  • FM CX_SCRAP_ADJUSTED_QUANT_CALC: Scrap calculation.

Production order release:

  • FM CO_COM_RELEASE_ORDERFM: Release a production order.

  • CO_ZR_HEADER_RELEASE_NEW: Release a production order.

Production order completion:

  • CO_SF_CLOSE_ORDER_TECHNICAL: Order technical completion (set status TECO).
  • CO_ZR_ACTIVATE_DELETE_FLAG: Activate the deletion flag.
  • PP_ORDER_REORG_CHECK: Checks carried out when the order deletion flag is set.

WM integration

  • CO_ZF_WM_INTERFACE: WM integration called from the SFC side.
  • L_WMPP_INTERFACE_FROM_PP: Interface on the WM side.

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