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Explains how to debug the issues of MRP element display in transaction code MD04.


It is not clear how to solve the issue of MD04 by debugging, so it introduces some important function modules which the breakpoint can be set.

Function modules

There are 2 function modules can be checked out and set a breakpoint.



The function moudle AUFBAUEN_MDPSX_ANZEIGEN is used in the evaluation transaction MD04 and the AUFBAUEN_MDPSX_DISPOSITION is used in the execution transactions like MD01/MD02/MD03 etc.

Here is some of the source code of AUFBAUEN_MDPSX_ANZEIGEN as example under ECC6 and enhancement package 5. the one of AUFBAUEN_MDPSX_DISPOSITION is nearly the same.


PERFORM select_mard.                                                                                                   Select the MRP elements from here.

PERFORM select_dir_proc.                                                                                               MRP elements selection is finished
PERFORM vp_bedarfe_verrechnen.                                                                                  PIR (Planned independent requirements) consumption


The MRP elements are selected in the FORMs which starts with select_* and the data selected can be recognized by the name of table/view follows, e.g. select_resb, the data of table RESB is selected there for the reservations (Reserverations for production/process orders, dependenet requirements of planned orders etc.), the table/view can be checked in the transaction SE11 for what they keep. Note, the most of time is taken while selecting the data from RESB as that often keeps a lot of entries so that it is suggested to keep its table size as samle as possible by archiving or utilize bigger lot size to create few proposals in MRP.

If certain MRP elements, e.g. production order/purchase order/purchase requisition/reservation/sales order/delivery appear/disappear wrongly, the respective FORMs can be checked during debugging. The table VBBE contains the sales order and delivery, the table EBAN keeps the purchase requisition, some others are selected from the views which are the combinations of respective table, that can be seen in SE11.

The selected data is appended to the internal table MDPSX and get displayed or participate the MRP calculation further.

The FORM vp_bedarfe_verrechnen is responsible for consumption of PIR (Planned independent requirements).

The BADI MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA contains may methods which are called in the FORM select_*, each method is called in the corresponding FORM to influence the standard logic of data selection if the BADI is implemented, the documentation of BADI can be seen in the transaction SE18.


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