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The objective of this WIKI is to provide an overview of the main issues related to the issuing storage location determination on stock transfers created by MRP and the main issues related to BAdI MD_EXT_SUP, which can be used for the issuing storage location determination.


By default, the issuing storage location is not determined by MRP during the creation of stock transfer requisitions or stock transfer orders. For that purpose, the BAdI MD_EXT_SUP was delivered on the standard system. BAdI MD_EXT_SUP allows you to create your own logic to determine the issuing storage location and a sample code is provided, which can be used as a basis for your own implementation.

Regarding this BAdI, there are some points that should be considered.

Stock transfer reservations are not possible

With an active implementation of this BAdI MRP will only create stock transfer requisitions. It is not possible to have stock transfer reservations with this BAdI active, even with respective setting on the special procurement type.

The modification from note 355493 can be used as an alternative. Using this modification instead of the BAdI, system will still create stock transfer reservations, however, this modification was only created with the purpose of displaying the storage location on the MRP transactions and it may lead to an incorrect update of the planning file entries if you are using MRP areas.

Issuing storage is not determined anymore

The implementation /ISDFPS/MD_EXT_SUP was delivered as active by mistake on the standard systems, on systems where the IS-DFS solution was not active. Some customers have been using this IS-DFS implementation for a long time to determine the issuing storage location, however, with the implementation of note 1425244, this logic is not executed anymore. If you want to use parts of the implementation /ISDFPS/MD_EXT_SUP and you are not using the defense solution, create your own implementation into which you can then copy parts of the defense solution.

Creating a new implementation of BAdI MD_EXT_SUP

As mentioned on the previous point, an active implementation /ISDFPS/MD_EXT_SUP was delivered as active by mistake. 

If you want to create your own implementation of this BAdI, you must follow the steps below, as described on note 961535 to deactivate it manually:

    1. Call transaction SE37 for function module SXE_IMG_IMPL_ACTIVITY_TOGGLE and choose the function "Test Function Module (F8)".
    2. Enter /ISDFPS/MD_EXT_SUP as value for the parameter IMP_NAME and choose "Execute(F8)".
    3. In the subsequent dialog box, confirm that the implementation is to be deactivated.
    4. Choose or generate a transport request to transport the change.

A new implementation of BAdI MD_EXT_SUP is not called

This BAdI is only called if the stock transfer between storage locations is active in customizing. Follow the steps outlined on note 1783556 to activate it.

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1 Comment

  1. Dear Caetano,

    I have activated  BAdI MD_EXT_SUP to determine several issuing slocs from where other slocs should be delivered from. This works fine.

    However I have another process and i wonder if the Badi causes the issue have.

    I use subcontracting with mrp areas. In the subcontracting mrp area of a component i have entered 45 as the special procurement key. Now it should create a stock transfer reservation for me to issue the component to the subcontractor via ME2O, however it creates a Purchase requisition Release MRP elemenet in the Sloc MRP area and a Purchase Requisition in the Subcon MRP area. Now when i process the request via ME2O it executes the booking and increases the subcon stock level but the Purchase requisition remains open. This is not correct. I need the PR to be closed after i executed ME2O (with our without delivery).

    Is this possible?

    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards,