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The purpose of this page is to answer the frequently asked questions related to MRP on HANA.


On this WIKI you will find the solutions to common issues, answers to frequently asked questions and references to notes and documentation related to MRP on HANA.



On which release is the HANA performance optimizations for MRP available?

The performance optimization for the classic MRP transactions is available as of SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0, version for SAP HANA and the MRP Live is available as of SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 (7 SP04 and higher).

On which release are the MRP Cockpit and the MRP Fiori Apps available?

The MRP Fiori Apps are available as of SAP enhancement package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 

How can I activate the HANA performance optimizations for MRP?

MRP on HANA can be activated with business function LOG_PPH_MDPSX_READ.

Can we run MRP on HANA using SAP HANA as a side car?

No, HANA must be the primary database, in order to run the performance optimizations for MRP.

Which scenarios are supported on MRP Live?

SAP note 1914010 provides a list of the restrictions for Planning in MRP Live on HANA.

SAP notes 2354068 (S4HANA) and 2362082(ERP) should also be implemented, as they bring corrections to improve the MRP live performance.

Which notes should be considered when implementing MRP Live?

SAP note 1989922 provides a list of all the relevant consulting, FAQ and corrections notes that must be read and implemented when running MRP Live.

SAP notes 2354068 (S4HANA) and 2362082(ERP) should also be implemented, as they bring corrections to improve the MRP live performance.

How can I know which materials can be planned on MRP Live and which materials must be planned by Classic MRP?

See the blog Is your system prepared to take advantage of MRP on HANA?

Why MRP Live sometimes is slower than Classic MRP?

Note 2023766 explains which factors can influence the MRP Live performance.

I cannot run MRP Live or the MRP Fiori Apps due to a short dump.

If you are observing short dump AMDP_DBPROC_CREATE_FAILED CX_AMDP_DBPROC_CREATE_FAILED or any other error that that imply that the deployment of some delivery units was not successful, you must follow the procedure described on note 1907934

If the dump AMDP_DBPROC_CREATE_FAILED is happening on S/4 HANA, on method CONSUME_REQS_LLANG, then the report from note 2352001 should resolve the issue. 

If the short dump AMDP_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND is triggered, see also KBA 2346592

If the short dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X for program CL_PPS4_MRP_DISPATCHER========CP occurs, implementing note 2238587 should fix this.

If the short dump CX_AMDP_EXECUTION_FAILED occur during MD01N execution on S/4 HANA, note 2301049 should fix the error.

I cannot schedule the MRP job using the FIori App 'Schedule MRP Run'

The solution for this issue has been described in note 2278049.

During and upgrade I'm facing errors related to Hana content or database procedures that are used in MRP Live.

If the errors are related to content that is no longer used in the support packages, they can be ignored. SAP note 2015205 provides more details about the content relevant for each release. 

Can MRP Live run lead-time scheduling?

Lead-time scheduling is only supported on MRP Live as of EHP8 SP1 or in S/4 HANA.

Why dependent requirements or sales orders are aggregated on the MRP List (transaction MD05)?

Note 2327795 explains the reason for this system behavior.

Is there any MRP change on S/4 HANA?

Some MRP scenarios were simplified, such as the source determination, subcontracting and storage location MRP. See the S/4 HANA Simplification List for more details.

The blog also provides more information about MRP on S/4 HANA.

More information can be found on the following SAP Notes:

  • 2268085 S4TWL - MRP in HANA
  • 2268069 - S4TWL - Simplified Sourcing
  • 2226333 SAP S/4 HANA Simplification Item: Simplified Sourcing

Why is the customizing activity to activate MRP and set up plannning files is missin on S/4 HANA?

This customizing activity is not relevand on S/4 Hana. See the blog below for more details:

Can I use the MRP Fiori Apps and the MRP Cockpit without MRP Live?

The MRP Fiori Apps can only be used if the business function LOG_PPH_MDPSX_READ is active. You can still use classic MRP to plan your materials, but the business function must be active and the HANA database should be the primary database.

Which authorization is necessary to access the MRP Fiori Apps?

You can find a list of the relevant authorization profiles on the wiki Roles to access the FIORI apps

I have an error when running the pre check report MRP_AREA_STORAGE_LOC_MIGRATION.

As per Note 2216528, you are running the pre check report in order to prepare to S/4 CORE migration, however, during the report execution the following error occurs: "Please ensure in the customizing that there exists a special procurement key with procurement type 'F' (external procurement) and special procurement '7'".

Refer to the KBA 2356833 for the reason of this error and how to resolve it.

I can't run reports RMMDVM10 or RMMDVM20 in order to set up Planning File entries

In the classic Business Suite, reports RMMDVM10 and RMMDVM20 made a first setup of planning file entries and checked planning file consistency for operative planning. In SAP S/4HANA, run report PPH_SETUP_MRPRECORDS instead. For long-term planning, the reports RMMDVL10 and RMMDVL20 are replaced by the report PPH_SETUP_MRPRECORDS_SIMU.

More information about the Planning File changes on S/4 CORE can be found on Note 2268088.

What else has changed on S/4 HANA MRP?

Refer to the "S/4 HANA Material Requirements Planning - What has changed" document for more information on the MRP simplication itens for S/4 HANA.

Customer Consignment stocks are included in plant stock

On S/4 HANA system, you observe that Customer Consignment stocks are being included in plant stock, which is not a standard behavior, according to Note 301681. This is a program error that can be fixed implementing Note 2363396.

Distribution Keys for Produced Quantity are not working in S/4 HANA.

The functionality was simplified in the early development of S/4 HANA. However, Note 2364285 can be implemented in order to re-enable the former distribution key functionality.

Error Special procurement 45 not defined in plant

After planning a material through MRP Live, on the 'Materials with messages' list you can find a material that failed to be planned with the message "Special procurement 45 not defined in plant xxx". Implement Note 2431708 and also maintain the special procurement key 45 in the customizing for the plant (OMD9) in order to correct this.

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SAP Note: 2278049 - Issues when using "Schedule" Fiori Apps.

SAP KBA  2356833S/4 CORE migration: Special Procurement Type '7'






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