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In this section the basic concept of operations used in productions orders will be described.


The operation in the orders are taken over from the routing, thus the basic settings are visible in the routing. A lot of things can be defined here, such as base quantity, break time, conversion, interoperation time, splitting, overlapping, scrap etc. Sometimes it is needed to make a special customizing in OPJG to generate an operation. 

In the second section the topic of alternative and parallel sequences will be illustrated.

If there is any operations related change or speciality, it will be discussed at the special topics (e.g. confirming operations are discussed in the confirmation section).

OPJG - Default values for generation of operations 

It is possible to create an order without BOM and routing, but the order needs to have at least one operation. It can happen, that the routing does not contain any operations. In such cases the system checks OPJG. Based on the customizing settings a dummy operation will be created based on the data in OPJG.


Alternative and parallel sequences

Sequences are used to group operations. Usage of these sequences can be set in the routing. 


Steps how to create sequences

 1. Transaction CA02 -> operation overview -> add new operations


 2. In this example we create an alternative sequence e.g. for operation 2 and 3

-> Sequences button -> New

                              Branch operation: from which operation we start

                              Return operation: ending operation


 3. Define the operations for this (Operations button)


 4. Transaction CO01 -> operation overview: we can see the four operations


 5. Transaction CO01 > -sequence overview: highlight the alternative line -> back: the system displays the data


 6. Exchange: CO01-header -> Menu -> Functions -> Exchange sequences >>> operation overview: the alternative sequence becomes the standard sequence


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