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You may sometimes see the DLV status is set, but indicator "delivery completed" is not set. Wondering when the status DLV and indicator "delivery completed" is set? Here I'll explain several scenarios and some notes to correct related errors.

Normally when GR is posted with movement type 101 for the order header material, the delivered quantity in production order(AFPO-WEMNG) should be updated. When the delivered quantity equals planned quantity, the status DLV and indicator "Delivery completed" (AFPO-ELIKZ) should be set. However, sometimes they may not be in sync.

  1. Goods receipt quantity and value is wrong in production order compared with the actual GR material document. This is considered as an inconsistency. The following note contains a report to correct it.
    1352231 - Correction: Goods receipt quantity and value in order
  2. The following post explains when DLV is set considering the delivery tolerance.
    Change in DLV status in Production/Process order with Different Quantities
  3. The logic for setting the indicator 'Final delivery' and DLV status is as follows (no matter it is processing with online transactions or BAPI):
    You post a confirmation for a production order / process order. A goods receipt is linked to the confirmation. During GR posting during the confirmation process, a quantity check is executed. A check is made here whether the delivered quantity is larger than the quantity which results due to a possibly predefined underdelivery tolerance. If the delivered quantity is larger, the final delivery and the delivery status is set.
    1857198 - Consulting: Status DLV in production order/process order
  4. When goods receipt is updated in the update program or through a background job as a decoupled goods movement (it can be configured in t-code OPKC and OPK4, see note 208477 which explains process control in confirmation), and you post order confirmation via BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT or CO_MES_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT, the indicator "NO_MORE_GR" in table GOODSMOVEMENTS can force setting the indicator "Delivery completed". (Bear in mind the automatic determination logic described in point 3 still applies here.)

    This logic is introduced by note 1763953.

    1763953 - Decoupled goods receipt: Delivery completed indicator

    Note 2069821 corrects an error that the system wrongly resests the delivery completed indicator when decoupled goods movement is posted subsequently.

    2069821 - Decoupled goods receipt resets "Delivery Completed" indicator

    Another correction note related to the field NO_MOR_GR:
    1886037 - BAPI confirmation data proposal: NO_MORE_GR
  5. Status DLV is not set, although quantity is delivered completely and indicator "delivery completed" is set.
    1918802 - No status DLV (Delivered) is set in production order header though the quantity has been delivered completely
  6. A modification note to influence system design:
    315370 - MB31: Delivery completed default in GR

    The modification made in this note may not only influence MB31, but also CO11N, BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT. Setting different valus to the parameter will get different behavior. See detailed explanation in the note.
  7. Customizing settings:
    OP00 - Indicator "automatic goods receipt" for operation control keys
    OPKP - Indicator "automatic goods receipt" for production scheduling profile
    OMCD - Default "delivery completed" indicator in plant level
  8. Special cases:
  • Process: Confirm orders in CO11N with final confirmation, delete goods receipt manually in CO11N

    Result :DLV and delivery completed indicator is set although no goods receipt is posted.
  • Process : Final confirmation with qty = 0

    Result : DLV and delivery completed indicator is set although no goods receipt is posted.
  • Process: cancel the final confirmation with qty=0 in CO13

    Result : DLV status is not removed and indicator "delivery completed" is still set
    Reason: 569254 - Status DLV remains after reversal of confirmation w/ qty 0
    Workaround : Reset the indicator "delivery completed" manually in CO02. The status DLV will also be cleared after saving.
  • Process : post final or automatic final order confirmation without entering table "GOODSMOVEMENTS" by BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT, posted qty = planned qty.
    Result : DLV and delivery completed indicator is set and goods receipt is posted
  • Process : post order confirmation with auto GR, but 101 movement has error and is posted to COGI
    Result : DLV and delivery completed indicator is NOT set until the COGI entry is posted
    Reason: 67485 - CO11/COGI: "Final issue" indicator set incorrectly
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